Angadi bats for making Hubballi as an international airport



Invest Karnataka’ event, an investors’ conference held in Hubballi on Friday, saw investment proposals totaling Rs 72,000 crore, mostly in North Karnataka, by 51 companies.


Speaking on the occasion MoSR Suresh Angadi said, we need spare parts manufacturing units for Railway, Aviation, Automobile, and power looms in Uttara Karnataka, Hubballi has all the potential to have International Airport in coming days this will be fulfilled.

The Minister observed that the industrialists’ mindset is about North Karnataka is changing. Efforts would be made to make Hubballi airport an international airport, reports the Deccan Herald.

Some sections in Belagavi had opposed holding the meet at Hubballi.




  1. As we can see how shyam etc like Dharwad hubballi people even have looking our all about Belgaum website in same way these people jealous about. And same reporting to their political party to interfere in Belgaums growth. Better these like people should stay from all about Belgaum matter and it has been well intrducted by himself for what he belongs to. Good.

  2. Belgaum being almost equidistant from Goa, kolhapur, Hubbali etc is an ideal place for upgrading the airport to inetrnational one .While emotions is one thing, land availability to expand airport needs to be considered, which is where I feel Hubli is preferable. Belgaum airport is surrounded by fertile land.
    BTW Goa is getting its own international airport.
    Now International airport is one thing and traffic volume from Belgaum / Hubbali to foreign destinations is another thing. Rather they upgrade both airport for medium sized planes to operate and use them to transfer ppl from Belgaum , Hubli to destinations all over world via Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.
    So be realistic and understand what your needs are , rather than getting carried over by a ministers speech.

    • Hubballi is the best place to get upgraded to International Airport because of its Location and so called Chota Mumbai which connects every city

  3. As a citizen of hubli I always wish whole north karnataka as hub and each city should have confined growth hub especially ,belgaum for forging and aeronautical as well.
    but when I see comments from belgaum people what a dirty mind set they have they are so jealous , even gopinath he himself introduced as donkey welcome to his introductory,
    When smart city announced first to bgm we never shown disagree.
    When udan anounced later to bgm we never apposed.
    development shoud be vise versa
    Well as some one commented on potential conserned to potential belgaum can’t match in types of road ,railway junction but belgaum has huge per capita income.
    If from 1990- 2004 there is no shut down due to communal tension in hubli , hubli went faraway, what a capacity of belgaum.
    Lastly if your behavior is like garbage than we know how to twist the nose .

  4. Dharwad hubballi politicians and their supporters are intentionally involving in Belgaums government and private sector growth activities as not making known to our politicians to hamper the Belgaum growth but the growing of Belgaum they never hamper because it’s huge potential.

    Our Belgaum politicians, state central government politicians should have to understand this fool making politics to other politicians.

    And since Belgaum is and ever far most better important city than Dharwad and hubballi and instead of highlighting of Belagum rapid growth they’re hiding it.

    I request to our Belgaum district politicians to play tough and effective politics to organise and strive hard to bring FDI (foreign direct investment) in all sorts of like Defence, health, industrial, engineering, commercial, aerospace, agricultural, AI, and IT software etc to bring rapid and sumptuous growth in all sectors.

    Dharwad hubballi politicians are trying to release huge government fund in the name just to make their cities growth and already has been released fund in many ways just to making donkey into horse but after all donkey is donkey, so pls our politicians should wake up and act carefully, effectively and wisely

  5. We can see BELGAUM has full potential for INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. We should see our capabilities not the others?


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