Annular solar eclipse photos from Belgaum


love dale belagavi

The magnificence of the universe was observed today all over the world, and how could Belgaum be left behind.

The sky was cloudy since the morning but later it cleared.

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Here are few photos taken by Mr. Suresh R Khot a student who will pursue his M.Sc. all the photos have been taken by him using a Kodak Camera from his house in Kangrali BK.

The images are nice to see and he said that it was an experience of a lifetime to take these photos.

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  1. Excellent !!! Nothing less enchating than the coverage by CNN, 24 x 7 NDTV and other channels. Keep it up Suresh !

  2. Hi!
    Suresh Khot, I would like to thank you a zillion times for ur wonderful work with the camera.Hail Belgaum.

    Wonderful work there.


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