Art Master, Kala Maharshi Shri. K. B. Kulkarni – Birth Centenary


Krishnaji Bhimarao Kulkarni (1920 – 2007) popularly known to most as KB or KB Sir was born on 4 February 1920 in Hindalga. He completed his schooling from Benyon Smith High School in 1937. He started his profession as a teacher in St. Pauls High school, Belgaum 1949 and continued till he retired in 1997.

The birth centenary of Shri. K. B. Kulkarni is being celebrated in Belagavi on 4, 5, 6 February at Lokmanya Rangmandir and also at the Sankalp Bhumi.

Actor, artist and dramatist Nana Patekar
will inaugurate the event on 4 February at 10.30 am.
A painting exhibition is also organized as a part of the celebrations, at Varerkar Natya Sabah Griha, Vaccine Depot Road, near the second gate on 4 Feb, from 9.30 am onwards


About KB –

The great legendary artist, Shri. K B Kulkarni is a highly respected, admired and held in very high regard, especially for his solitude, publicity-averse, silent and trance-like lifestyle. This monastic, sagely personality lived and spent his entire life for and in the pursuit of art, especially drawing and painting. Belagavi has etched a permanent name in the art world and K.B. Kulkarni’s work and contribution in that cause are unparalleled. KB started an Art Institute called there in 1951, in Khade Bazar and conducted regular classes till 1977.

kb kulkarni
A Ball point pen painting by Shirish Deshpande of K B Kulkarni

He was a student of Haldankar’s Art Institute and later became an Art Teacher. He got the Drawing Art Teacher certificate course from Sir J.J. School of Art, 1945. He was also on the Advisory board for the Art Education of Karnataka. He was also a member of Karnataka State Lalit Kala Academy.

KB had devoted himself to art and teaching of art and also in painting. A whole generation of artists has been trained and nurtured by him. His own works truly represented his mastery over oil, watercolor and nature, as well as the human figure. For him, the art of paintings was a mysterious activity. In his words –“ Though it is often said that art is visual poetry, I think it is also music, where harmony, balance, rhythm are very important.”

KB spent all his life in Hindalga and Belagavi and was a staunch artist in the world of oil paints and canvas, where there was no wind of art and art education. He worked in mediums such as pencils, pastels and crayons. From his countless nature portraits, figures, portraits and nudes made in the studio he displayed amazing skill of painting which has to be adored. KB etched a permanent name on the art map. . . For himself, for Belgaum and for India!!



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