ASI could declare SPM road camouflaged ditch as National Monument soon



The White topping work on SPM road had begun a couple of months ago and still is underway. One side has been done but on the other side near the Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Garden, there is a camouflaged ditch if we can call it.


Day after day Truck, mini trucks get stuck in this and then there is a huge traffic jam.

Not once but 8-9 times the same spot, same ditch the tyres of the truck get stuck.

The ASI- Archaeological Survey of India recently surveyed this spot and is gearing up and gathering documents on the basis of which it can declare this camouflaged ditch as a national monument of great importance.

The Smart city officials who seem to have some great knowledge or no knowledge about the same never even work on this ditch. There could be internal official problems like Whose ditch Is It Anyway?

The citizens are now bugged up with this and now only after a monument is declared will it be decorated with and people would get a chance to see the camouflaged ditch.

stuck spm road The Police also have played a vital role in this monument to come to this stage. They have loads of barricades and once Belagavi was called as a city of barricades but they did not find one to place it near this
camouflaged ditch.

Maybe they never saw it, we can’t hurl abuses on them can we, after all, they too are humans and to err is human.



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