Auto Drivers demand ban on maxi cabs in city


With the implementation of the Fare by meters by the district authorities the Auto Rickshaw owners have taken all the autos off the road and are on drivers protest city

Their demands are the same put a ban on maxi cabs/tum tums from city limits, make good roads, revise auto fares regularly.

The autos went off the road suddenly after 8 pm on Thursday night and even upto 5 pm on Friday the Autos were not plying on the road.


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  1. It is most unfortunate that Govt who gets funding from Public , does not work effectively for the people and it is most unfortunate that common man can not complain as it is time consuming and heavy cost . There are some genuine demands of Auto drivers , which should be discussed with Govt agencies and regular commuters . Those are the ones affected . It is written that Right is Might but alas , the reality is Might is Right and most of elected representatives are not concerned with transparency , efficiency and accountability . Only common man can come forward and take up with the relevant authorities . Hope injustice to all is minimised by timely intervention of Govt officers and Elected representatives. .


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