Autos fined seized but still they are adamant why?


Yesterday many autos were seized for lack of documents, meters not working. The new fare after a hike of 20% has come into effect from 17/8/2015.

The new minimum fare is Rs.25 for 1.9kms and then 10/km.

But even now the auto drivers dont down the meter. They say still meter is not compulsory and what not. Yesterday again they said that police is not acting on tumtums, then infront of them tumtums were fined.

Police checking the Auto Meters at Belagavi
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Worst part here is the citizens must ask to down the meter. The other bad thing most of the meters are not re-calibrated so what fare they will show is really unkown. Most of the drivers were seen to just down the meter and it shows some heavenly figure, but the fare is decided earlier only. This is wrong each one must ask for the meter if one denies it leave him ask for another if each citizens ask for the meter they will be forced to implement it.

For the first time, we have reached so far in case of implementation of fare by meters, or else earlier it was just on paper. Now it is the citizens who can make it possible.

For complaints no special numbers have been given so dial 100 and raise your complaint.

Remember it is our right and their (Auto driver) duty to charge fare as per rates fixed, so go ahead and ask for it.


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  1. Cops please work in Civil clothes near Central Bus Stand Auto Stand as customer. Then you will see the real pain, I have seen the customers are eve teased if they ask for come with Meter. Now Police will tell they can go to Prepaid stand 🙂

  2. The auto drivers simply need some kicking. Even after getting a meter hike as per their norms they still do not charge by meter. How arrogant are they. They surely need a kicking. And proper kicking.

  3. Traffic Police of Belgaum should launch special complaint numbers, smartphone app to provide ease complaint feature to public so that they can raise the voice against these autos. The auto drivers are not going as per law. It is right that public should follow now. Bengaluru has been good in traffic management and we see that all autos need to follow rules and laws. If one rejects, complaint can be lodged on app and within hours, autos are seized.
    Need to take some strict action by Traffic Police System.

  4. I recently traveled in an auto from pipe line road Vijay Nagar to ramdev hotel. I requested the auto driver to use meter, but when he used the meter, the amount was 100rs. and distance which the meter showed was 10 km. According to my knowledge the distance from pipeline road to ramdev is 7 km.
    I guess there might is some kind of meter calibration adjustment to increase the kilometers.
    That's what I felt.
    Meter should have proper calibration value. And certain mark to show it is accurate and authorised.

  5. First of all, we, citizens, shouldn't agree for prefixed rate with those drivers. Secondly, check if the auto has got digital meter, only then get into it.. else opt for Public Transport… it ll pinch autowala's pockets and its cheaper than autos….

  6. Cops can easily in plain clothes pose to be customers and go to Big Bazaar Auto Stand which has the most arrogant folks. Near bus stands etc also pose as a passenger, when they say they will pretend to down meter but will charge pre-decided high fare seize the auto for a week. When they start losing week's income they'll come to their senses. If cops wish to there are multiple ways to catch culprits.

    • I fully agree with you . Why do Govt officers need complaint from Public . It is their duty to provide safety and security of Citizen . That is the reason , they get their Salaries . I do not know whether and when it is feasible , if Citizen can come together and ask for accountability of the Taxes paid by them , Govt shall start functioning effectively and corruption , Inflation , etc will come down . Let us hope Citizen come forward .

    • Thts the best way to deal with Auto guys. And this has to be done couple of times in a month. Only then the seriousness will set in for the auto drivers.


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