Autos strike continue


Autorickshaw Owners’ and Drivers’ Association strike has enetered its Third day on Sunday and there are no signs of withdrawal. A part of the association has called this an indefinite strike until their demands are met. On Saturday again the association protested at the DC office but there was no positive response from the

People, particularly those visiting the city and schoolchildren, were put to hardship with the strike. The strike began after RTO seized more than 25 Autos on Friday.

The auto drivers association is demanding a hike in the fare to Rs.25 minimum and Rs.15 per km and also ban private maxicabs, mini-vans and cabs, which were illegally picking up passengers from various points within the city while they were permitted to operate only outside city limits.

Current fare in Belagavi

Rs.20 for 2kms and Rs.10/km

Current fare in Bengaluru
Rs25 for first 1.9km, Rs13/km after that.


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  1. The worst auto drivers in india are from belgaum they charge as per their will 150
    as they like
    and as if as they are lending their plane
    Auto meters should be strictly added which is required immediately
    and fare must be reduced for smaller cities like
    Rs 15/ – for first 2km
    then Rs 6 – 7 for additional km
    thats more than enough

  2. if autos increase their demands like this people have only options like ola or uber cabs. I think these are better and most affordable for local transport compare to auto.

  3. no difference. It is as if autos are not present even though they are present. So no difference. Let us go for cabs like ola which are comfortable n best service


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