Autos strike withdrawn


Auto rickshaw drivers/owners who had halted their services from Friday demanding immediate revision of minimum fares to 25 on par with Bengaluru and thereafter 15 per kilometer today withdrew their strike after an assurance from of a fare hike belagavi

Respect the laws and rules first and do not misguide innocent auto drivers/owners, this was said by DC Jayram on Monday and today afternoon after a meeting with other auto drivers/owners they decided to withdraw the strike.

The current fares continue to prevail.

Minimum fare Rs.20 for 2 kms and thereafter Rs.10 per km

Maximum 50 kg baggage allowed
Not more than 3 passengers allowed
Waiting charges: First 5 mins free Later Rs.2.50 every 15 mins
Luggage is free upto 20 kgs after that Rs. 2 per 20 kg


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  1. why can police start working in civil uniform and fine the autodrivers who dont run autos on meter. (politician pressure ?)

  2. What are night fares?
    Fares must be reduced
    And they shall be strictly followed
    actually Belgaum auto drivers have become like rowdies , I have never seen such drivers any where in india
    they charge as if for charter plane
    I doubt they will allow to pay by meter
    police to strictly observe to facilitate the fares
    untill it is 100% functional

  3. We should not pay the rickshaw drivers for the strick period. They should realize the pain they cause to the public & Specialy parents of school going children.

  4. "Respect the laws and rules first and do not misguide innocent auto drivers/owners"????? I didn't get this line. Who shouldn't misguide whom? Is it Passengers to Auto Drivers or Auto Drivers to Passengers And Auto drivers are not innocent as per my experience.

  5. Are the meter rule above in existence and have the Auto drivers agreed to charge as per the meter now as they have withdrawn the Auto strike. And the police to continue to do their good job of maintaining the law which should help the people at large.


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