Bangalore IPL blasts suspects held from Hubli Belgaum


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The Bangalore Police on Wednesday arrested five suspects in connection the recent bomb blast outside the Chinnaswamy cricket stadium, just before an IPL match on April 17.

Four suspects were nabbed from Hubli, while one was arrested from Belgaum in North Karnataka.


5 people were staying from both rooms of which one was a handicapped. Yesterday evening while ACP Srinath Joshi arrested these suspects at 4:00 suspected handicapped terrorist had escaped. Later when the police called the suspected handicapped terrorist from the phone seized by other suspected terrorist mobile they learnt that he was in Belgaum. Immediately police plunged in to action and with the help of lodge’s room boy went to Belgaum and arrested the escaped suspected handicapped terrorist. All the 5 suspected terrorists were subjected to interrogation in main office of Armed Reserve Force near Basel Mission School all through the night. But none of the police have confirmed the information.

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