Barricading removed at Kirloskar road


The barricading put up at the junction of Kirloskar road and Ramling Khind Galli was removed by the Traffic cops last night after the citizens had complained about the same to the mayor.

kirloaskar-road1These barricades were put up barring entry from Kirloskar road to Ramling khind galli and also one could enter Kirloskar road from Ramling Khind galli.

But now the same has been removed which was really needed as it was causing more hindrances than helping to regulate smooth flow of traffic.


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  1. I really wonder who sits and thinks All these road plans which creates more problem to people than actually helping ease them. I pity ourselves..first barricade it make more difficult then remove the same.

  2. Removal of barricades were necessary as it was big mess for the person who wants to go to nucleus mall by car through ansurkar Galli as the road from ansurkar Galli is very narrow with 2 wheeler parked from both side of road.

  3. I have a suggestion, i don’t know if it can be applied or not… i think police should make it one way from Samadevi galli… all vehicles entering main market area should go through Samadevi galli, Ramdev galli oneway to be reversed, one can take a turn to Ramdev Galli to Kirloskar Road and Kirloskar road should be used for exit..

    If this is applicable, please forward it to concerned authorities…


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