Belagavi has one Five star and one Four star hotel – Tourism Ministry


The landscape of Belagavi is changing or we would rather put it as ‘Developing’ with one Five star and one Four-star hotel according to the Classification, Approval, and Occupancy of Hotels approved by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India.

Fairfield Marriott, Belagavi is classified as a 4 Star With Alcohol while The Fern – UK27 is classified as a 5 Star With Alcohol.


Tourists and others visiting Belagavi in the olden days would recollect that a good lodge was then Saraswati Lodge (Nana Shankar Sheth Marg) where the Who’s who of politics used to come. Then there were other few and then there was the birth of Ramdev, Satkar, Milan, Sanman, Anupam all almost opened at the same time or maybe a couple of years in between them.

Fairfield by Marriott BelagaviFrom the common toilet/bathrooms to the luxurious bathtubs(one needs to be however careful using them), the entire landscape of the hospitality industry in Belagavi is seeing a vast change.

Maybe the needs of the tourists or the business travelers have changed, attribute it to anything the new two hotels will add around 130 + rooms to the existing 1700+ rooms capacity including all types – small and big.

uk27-fernSo the choices are many, this little cozy town is now opening up its feathers to fly high.

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