Belgaum border dispute now at UNHRC


Source: Deccan Chronicle

Belgaum border row in some time will be an international issue, as mes leader Madhavrao Chavan will file a petition before the United Nation’s Human Rights Commission (HRC) against, what he alleges, is the failure of the Karnataka government to protect the rights of Marathi’s in the state.

Article 27 of the special chapter of the International Civil and Political Rights Convention, 1966 of the UN speaks about giving due protection to religious, social and economic rights of linguistic minorities. Mr.Chavan has already confirmed with the external affair’s ministry that people from India can file a petition individually before the HRC in such matters. This is last act as no other recourse as Marathi people who form 21 per cent of the population in Belgaum district have been subjected to various problems.

Marathi’s have no freedom of expression, Marathi schools lack infrastructure and basic amenities. No official documents are published in Marathi although the constitution says that linguistic minorities should be given all official documents in their mother tongue.

Other lawyers in the city find this approach to be a dressing and taking such issues internationally would create a divide between the two linguistic communities.

This bit of news has not been covered in the local Marathi Media as yet.


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  1. Dear Mr Shankar

    You need to know more, history since 1700s to 1818 to 1900s and then 1956, 1986 etc

    these are historic mrks on Belgaum. This is a Bilingual town and respect and rights needs to be bestowed to both equally.
    195 when states were drawn No know thought we will have the silly factors of MNS and KRV breaking the very ethos of the place.

    In fct there was no Sena or MNS till 66 in Mumbai and No KRV till may be 2004 in Belgaum.

    Jai Hind, Jai Karntak, Jai Maharashtra

    • belagavi was never bilingual. there is a saying – empty vessels make more noise. when kannadigas and other linguistics undergo all the pain that u marathi give in maga-rashtra, why is that u cannot undergo even euqality here? u guys only want prominence and dominance everywhere.

      its not a startling observation that u guys deliberately misspell (very often) kannada and karnataka but take so much pain not to do when it comes to ur lang and state. i think itself shows ur real intent.

      its time that kannadigas realize and give it tit-for-tat to lunatics like u. everytime u people misspell us we misspell urs too.

  2. Dear belgaumkar
    I know the recent history of belgaum. Recent past history is full of bandhs and Hartals and rasta roko etc . Belive me few leaders are creating the divide between the citizens of city. Branding the ambassadors of peace and preachers of linguistic coexistence as gaddar(s) is sad part of history.There r many such incidents which are pin pointing to a paticular news paper. Such history is not worth studying. Ofcourse there are golden events in the history of belgaum.

  3. dear Shankar

    You dont seem to know the history of Belgaum. Study that. Also look at facts and figures of BELGAUM CITY which the point in question.

    Opression is of may types the comparision here is of voilation of human rights as established in the constitution of the country. Any opression is wrong, like waht som do in Mumbai and also what happens in Belgaum.

    • lo belagaviga, can u tell me what is the history of ur maga-rashtra? 85% of the shashanas found in mah are in kannada. what is shivaji's roots? what is ur history before shivaji? do u know the extent to which marathi language and culture is influenced by kannada? even the bombay gazetteer mentions that kannadigas ruled bombay once upon a time.

      bari egraadta irbeda.. swalpa amikand irodannoo kali.. kannadiga siDidedre kaLdogtiya.

      • Friend

        I am confident that your roots dont belong to belgaum. Welcome to my city. The least I can expect is that while it is correct you respect your culture (from where you hail) but also respect the city you are now associated with. The questions asked have no relevance. I am a student of history and specifically the the recent Imperial history including the Gazzetter. Love peace do not be a fanatic, human rights are for all.

        • i have been in belagavi for nearly 17 years now. i have been a mute spectator of you lunatics. now off late that i have realized your motives and uneasiness in everything kannada and karnataka, i am taking on jerks like u. whatever u say is history and whatever we say is not, that is exaclty how u and ur maga-rashtra govt twist the facts.

          ur quest for history only stops for 50 years. even in 1956, u guys did not accept the verdict of 2 commissions. the fact is that people like u can never ever live and let live.

  4. Trust me Development easier said than done. It is not fair to have oppressed people to deliver thier best this is a common law of mangement. How can one be denied rights to read & write in a language for official govertment communication in a language by more than 50% of the actual population if the City. I am sure this cannot happen anywhere other than Palestine.

    Growth is very important but not at the cost of basic human rights.

    • dear friend ,
      On what basis u say that people are opressed, just because of usage of language in the govt offices.If development is easier by allowing everybody to use ONLY language of their choise in dealing with govt then GOI would have made a law to that effect. If you see the developed places history you will come across many settlers from outside contributed to the development of place of their residence ( this is not the case with belgaum).
      Your comparing the palastine with belgaum situation is out of context.Just go through the internet you will know the meaning of opression.( Hope you have no intention to internationalise the local issue and ask for USA's intervention.

    • Belgaumkar, the fact that you can express freely tells a lot about Belgaum/Karanataka/India. My friend you are no way where near Palestine.
      Anyway getting back to the serious stuff about development it just needs will and application. Hubli-Dharwad has had a marathi mayor and minister, who worked for the overall development of the area, instead getting inovolved in regional chavanism.

  5. Dont always blame the MES. Atleast they are doing something to give the marathi people their rights. Everyone knows this is a Marathi influenced territory and these Kannada activists find it very difficult to show their existance in this territory. Thats why they come up with such ideas like writing the bus board names in kannada, forcing the merchants to showcase the shop name in kannada. even the road side boards and milestones, this is what they do to show their existance and boy!! they do it very successfully. So its our duty to take our rights back..

    • They are here only for the vote bank, nothing else. If they were so very concerned about marathi people and their well being they would have never posed any objection in the development of the city. They too were in power sometime ago, and what was the development seen during their rule. Please list it out and compare. Please list out what have they done for Marathi people. Please list out what have they done for other language people in the city.
      Because of this row its not just the marathi people who facing problems, there are other people also facing problems. And this problem is not because ill-treatment ot one another but due to lack of development in the city.
      I have my Marathi friends and we do discuss this topic now and then. They all feel its only vote bank politics of MES.
      Have you ever seen the party fighting for the development of this city.

      My sincere advice to all is that please dont fall under the traps of these political games played by these political people.

      • Rightly said. Instead of concentrating for the development of Belgaum, they are resorting to cheap publicity for the vote banks. Lets get above the narrow chavunism and work for the overall development.

        • well mate the problem is karnataka gov is always ignoring the fact that Belgaum is a better industrial destination in North Karnataka and always concentrating on the Hubli and Dharwad.
          I think Karnataka Gov also thinks at a point in time they will be loosing Belgaum to Maharasthra , so they are concentrating on Hubli and Darward to secure their investment.

          • The Hubli-Dharwad political lobby irrespective of their idealogical differences work for the betterment of the region. Unfortunately, this not true for Belgaum, one step forward and two backwards.

  6. what harm todo things provided by law. If a city has subtantial speakes of a particular langauge and also that they are registered minority in the state then the govt is bound by law to protect thier monrity rights. What is the demand here

    That Marathis living here in the bi-lingual area get govertment docs in thier language, If one needs to apply for a govt requirement is it not fair to get this in the language spoken by majority.
    If thre is a court matter – how good is it if majoiry cannot read and understand it.
    City buses/public transport how good to have the boards in a language followed by about half the citys population what abt the other half. Both are equal and ned to be treated equally.

    Jain karnarak, Jai Maharashtra

    • Brother

      We can understand your words n ur feelings, but when it can be solved amongst us why should MES aproach UNHRC?
      when a misunderstanding occurs in a family between two brothers then it should be comprimised within that home, may be by themselves or max by their parents, if it comes to the streets then the society starts laughing at those fools. the family respects dies in shame infront of the society…

      I request "MES/SENA whoever you are please dont break united INDIA…. Respect your nieghbours culture and be as they are when you are in thier place." other wise one fine day peolpe in Mumbai urge for Kannada/tamil/telagu/malayalam/urdu/punjabi/bengali/bihari and all other Indian language to be made as official language. learn to be peaceful from all those non maharashtrians living in Mumbai/maharashtra.

      • Dear Mahant

        Do you think no appeal has been made to the Govt of karnataka. I am personally aware and partly involved with two shuch appeals in the past. I am also aware of the human rights commission of India asking the Govt of karnataka to take corrective action and respect teh constitution and rights. But Larger vote bank at the state level prohibits an positive action. Like the Maharashara govt is afraid to touch MNS for thier marathi vote bank same in karnataka.

        Mahant, As a proud Kannadiga and a lover of law and justice I will be glad if you are able to propogate a thought of well being of both Kannada and marathi in Belgaum (not Belgaon or Belgavi). Let read use both th languages as these two are followed and spoken by the vast majority and no single of these can substitute the other.

        jai hind.

        • Mr Belgaumkar
          Stop this kind of thinking ,,, imagine what happens if every one starts appealing the same. kannada people appealing in solhapur, kolhapur n miraj saangli and gadhinglaj. tamilians start asking for thier language rights in Bengalooru, what if biharis n punjabi's starts appeling in mumbai?
          if it happens then whole India starts appealing, again internal fights n then diversified thinkings etc, and the same fights will make easy ways to to terrorist to enter into the nation,

          cant we adjust n live a peaceful life with nieghbours? why you want to impose marathi on kannada land ? whats the problem in learnig kannada and speaking it ?
          If every other person living in maharshtra (non maharashtrian) thinks as you do, does maharashtra govt facilitate all this ? never ,,,,,, and the same is here

          Jai HIND

          • Mr Mahant
            why you want to impose marathi on kannada land ?

            Who said Belgaum is kannada land. cant u see the more than 80% population Speakin marathi here ha. And who's imposing marathi, its u people who are imposing kannada on us even after knowing that if any terrotory's population is majority in some other langauage the legal papers and the bus board names the street board names should be in that language. but u people just like to create a mess thats it. The belgaum issue is in supereme court and if any case is going on regarding that terrotery then the Govt has no rights to impose kannada on us but as we all know the Kar-natak Govt wont listen until we raise our voice.

          • imagine what happens if every one starts appealing the same. kannada people appealing in solhapur, kolhapur n miraj saangli and gadhinglaj. tamilians start asking for thier language rights in Bengalooru, what if biharis n punjabi's starts appeling in mumbai?

            Mr mahnt
            you dont talk about other place u tell us about belgaon. This place has always been associated with Maharashtra rather than Kar-natak. And if we are not getting our rights then AAi Shappat we will surely bring the maharashtra border till Karwar. And thats a Marathi maansa chi shappat. Now you will comment anything i know but that doesn't matter as i've said everything i wanted.

          • Ha ha ha

            Maa-harashtra…… 🙂 .

            lets see your how your words work, and whether you will be able to keep your AAi Shappat.,
            common give me a dead line within what time you fulfill your AAi Shappat, Its a challenge for you, If it doesn't happen within that time then you will be a looser, else I am.,
            You struggle your way to get your things done n Your AAi shappat. N I will do my best to keep Belagaavi in KARNATAKA

            Jai KARNATAKA- JAI HIND

          • Ha ha ha

            Maa-harashtra…… .

            lets see your how your words work, and whether you will be able to keep your AAi Shappat.,
            common give me a dead line within what time you fulfill your AAi Shappat, Its a challenge for you, If it doesn’t happen within that time then you will be a looser, else I am.,
            You struggle your way to get your things done n Your AAi shappat. N I will do my best to keep Belagaavi in KARNATAKA

            Jai KARNATAKA- JAI HIND

  7. UNRHC has better jobs to do…..
    MES shouldn't waste UNRHC's precious time…
    If MES goes ahead with its plan, the image of belgaum will be greatly tarnished… And it will also affect the plans of certain MNCs who wish to invest in Belgaum… They would gain feel it safe to go to Hubli or Kolhapur….

    Pls..dear MES'ians … DON"T DO THIS…….

    • Hi Mr Ravikiran Kamble,
      that`s exactly right,
      But they dont have mind to think of it,,,,,,,,

  8. The MES should direct its resources for the development and better infrastructure of Belgaum!!

  9. these mes and its chelas have sown so much hatred now that i will not be surprised if one day kar and mah go to war.. thoo halasu jana.

  10. The decision was made long back… Belgaum is part of Karnataka. I am 100% sure even SC will redirect the case to central government as it does not want to take any verdict on sensitive issue . I feel we should not give importance to these kind of news. I request Uday not to post such articles.

  11. Its better to rule by british, Atleast they will provide quality education, and infrastructure.

  12. Marathi people want all the things…similarly they should think before hitting people from other states in Mah/Bombay.

    Atleast no marathi person is treated badly as UP/Bihar ppl are being treated in Bombay….

    We are all Indians first ! Hope people understand this..

  13. Silly MES

    MES already broke the relationship between two states and human values, Now MES wants to sell whole Indian values and cultural respects of the united India infront of the whole wolrd. It has never been constructive and regarding the destruction its always one step ahead.

    Great going…………

    wake up Belgaumites….

    • Belgaum will always remain a border state., even if it goes to Maharastra,,
      We need to accept the truth and learn to live together….

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