Belgaum Bundh call by MES and various organizations


last updated at 4.15 pm 18 July 2010

The BANDH has been total all commercial establishments in the city are shut. Some shops in residential areas are open.

Maruti Galli at 4 pm 18 July 2010

MES, Shiv Sena, Shiv Prathisthan, VHP, Swarajya, MNS and many others together have called for a Belgaum Bandh today, Sunday 18 July after a saffron flag was burnt by KRV (Praveen Shetty faction) at Chennamma Circle yesterday. An effigy of Bal Thakrey was also burnt.

Section 144 has been imposed since yesterday evening until 8 pm, 21 July 2010.

SP Sonia Naranag in a release said that no such incident of flag burning has happened.

Last night a few stone pelting instances were reported from Gandhinagar on a KSRTC bus, in Bhandur Galli and a private bus also was stoned in Tilakwadi.

The situation on a whole is tense but under control.


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  1. saffron flag was used shivaj maharaj as sign of hindutva and he was a marathi man so saffron color is a sign of pride and honour both to marathi and hindu people..!!

    • Whatever may be the color of the flag, when you burn, carbon di oxide (CO2) is generated. Neither it is good for Kannadigas nor for Marathi people. Already we have so much of C02 being produced, so please stop burning.

      If anyone feels like burning something then burn “Corruption”. It will help both Marathi and Kannada people.

      Really happy to see people being pride of hindutva. I do not claim that I know Hinduism but below are some of the beliefs in Hinduism.

      1. As per Hinduism our language should have been Sanskrit, neither Kannada nor Marathi.

      2. Hindutva advocates the practice of ahiṃsā (non-violence) and vegetarianism.

      3. Hinduism talks about division of Hindu society into four social classes called Vernas, there is no mention of any caste.

      Are we following even any one of these? We have tweaked these beliefs as per our wish. So let’s not use religious terminologies.

        • cool …. Prasad …Nice words

          The fact is MES never been constructive in Belgaum and it it will never be so. They just want to close Belgaum whatever the reason may be,

          Remember Belgaumites… After long struggle we are(Belgaumites) recieving a good exposure to the world. some indudtries are running towards us to invest, now a days we are recieving some facilities from governmrnt too …

          In this opportunity how should we Behave ?

          Whether we should close the city in all this DANGA/LAFADA thrice a week such that the planned industrilaists should run away from Belgaum / issues if any to be resolved among us ?

          Learn to be peaceful MES. remeber you are already lost your value in BELGAUM.

          Jai HIND

  2. "Poor Common Man" is what at stake right now. Bundh is a very "weak way" of a protest just because protesters are not able to win arguments based on its merits. Why should a common man face the brunt just because of someone's fancy..?? On and off we talk about development of Belgaum, retain the Belgaum talent by opening more and more companies, but these issues always get stuck so hard that our beloved city cries so loud.. and the outcome… "A Big NULL"…So guys gather, through out these "So Called Leaders" who want to divide Belgaum people on "Language"… Is this what we showcase Belgaum as.. to India and to the World??

  3. bassappa patil with ur comments it clearly states tht ur a supporter of krv! so stop the thing of brotherhood..wthu saying ur "belgavi" makes it clear and abt the saffron color flag i guess this is d second incident ..remember the belgaum city corporation incident also ..!! and even i was der and i saw a saffron color flag burnt, a plain saffron color falg!! and if uthink saffron color flag is nt a hindu flag den thts ur thinking dude!! and abt tarun baharat article , we can counter u with deccan hearalds photo of todays hubli dharward edition those pictures at band failure are fake!! d way tarun baharat supports marathi ppl , deccan and other kannada papers support the kannadas and govrnmnt!!

  4. i saw the joker's effigy being burnt, but they did not burn any hindu flag.. it may have been the shiva sena's flag which the mes goondas might have deliberately said its the hindu flag to gain mileage out of it..

    vhp and other hindu organizations joining this is crazy, why would kannadigas who are also hindus burn hindu flags?? now this will easily lead to a communal war as well..

    our beloved belgavi is being torn into pieces just to satisfy the hunger of selfish people.

    • oops Bassappa,there is picture in Tarun Bharat, also see this link
      I am sorry , but this should hurt all Hindu feelings be it Kannad, Marathi etc.
      Also be careful when using ambigious words as Goondas universally to any organisation, they may legally land you in trouble for "Defamation".
      Best Regards

      • The picture is ambiguous to say the least. even the shiva sena flag is on a saffron coloured fabric, so should we treat them as the saviours of hinduism? hindus are better off without those marauders.

        infact if you look closely, they have burnt a picture of bal thakrey. so its very much obvious they would follow that with the burning of the sena’s flag… and not all of a sudden burn hindu flags, isn’t it!!

        infact there is nothing called a hindu flag.. yes, hinduism is associated with saffron colour closely but that does not mean every saffron fabric represents hinduism. this is what the mes and others were always saying whenever they tried to hoist their marati flag disguised as hindu flag.

        now that people know the truth behind mes’s flag agenda, they have started spreading propaganda to garner peoples ire towards kannadigas and krv. Again it will not be a surprise if that tarun bharath article said krv burnt a hindu flag.. cos that is what tarun bharat has been doing for decades.. i.e spitting venom… so if somebody has a translated version of that article to either kannada or english, that would be great.

      • It also hurts us when MES uses our Hindu flag…?
        Does it mean that MES or marathis have no identity of theirs..? Why are they using the saffron flag for their Political reasons..?
        The kannada flag has been derived from a very much Hindu Vijaynagar Empire.. The yellow & red signifies the traditional ‘Arshana’ (turmeric) & ‘Kumkuma'(vermillon) of the Hindu culture..
        So, the Marathas who keep burning the Kannada flags every now & then are Anti-Hindus.?

      • Mr.

        First Please learn to respect other languages. Its is Kannada not Kannad. You cannot call something the way you like Mr.

        Would you like if I call you Marathi something else like Malati???

        • Kangralkaravru,
          OK pronounce this ಕನ್ನಡ Is it Kannad or "Kannada",, Also orginally Marathi was "Mharrathi" read Kanakdas for reference.The first written attestation of Marathi, was a document found in Karnataka, dates from 700 CE.[2]. Both Kannad and Marathi evolved from the prakrit language in early India nearly 870CE.Today's Marathi- and Kannada- speaking parts spoke Maharashtri Prakrit for centuries. Hope this helps you.
          I hope I addressed you rightly above as it is been long time I have spoken Kannad.Well I at least still remember my "a" era" "AA" "E" and my "Balli's".
          As for "Malati" that is a name of a flower, my language will be adorned if you refer it to as "Malati".
          Stay Cool, be Cool, All is Well!
          Kind Regards

          • @ Jimmy..
            I appreciate ur knowledge and understanding of both the language…….Really great!
            Well, ur spelling of Kannada…..
            "Kannada" = "ಕನ್ನಡ" is right.
            "Kannad" becomes "ಕನ್ನಡ್"… which is wrong..!
            Similarly "ಮರಾಠಿ" should have been "Maraathi".. But its wrong..!

            I just want to tell u that English is imperfect language and script..!

            ಅದಕೆ ಹೇಳೋದು ನಮ್ಮ ಕನ್ನಡ ಮತ್ತು ಮರಾಠಿ ನೆ ಚಂದ…,!……

  5. this fight is all b*** s***, they (politicians) dont have work or dont know how to develop belgaum but still need the vote bank so what else they can do, put the fire and create the nuisance and enjoy and at the end of the day all they gain is the vote bank so?

    • @santosh patil
      This fight is for settling the score and resurrecting the supremacy of factions of MES and KRV.Also you might have seen the many local leaders are tyring to establish themself for future elections.For these outfits development means disturbance of peace.

  6. Has anyone seen saffron flag n thackerey's effigy being burnt.

    Please someone comment here whether he has seen it being happened at Channamma Cirle. Coz its matter of one entire Sunday holiday being spoiled.

  7. KRV & MES guys Both don't have work so i doubt Calling every time Bandh its affecting normal ppl like Us 🙁
    come on guys Move on do some thing for Belgaum Development


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