Bicycle generator made by student chosen for national expo


From The Hindu
The project to generate electricity from a stationary bicycle developed by Disha Karigar, a class VII student of Mythri Higher Primary School at Shikaripur, has been selected for a national-level science exhibition, being conducted as part of Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

dishaThe State-level exhibition (INSPIRE) was held at B.K. School at Belagavi, recently.

The model displayed by Ms. Karigar won the first place and thereby, she was chosen for the national-level event scheduled to be held at New Delhi on December 5.

The title of the project is Homemade bicycle generator. K.R. Dayanand, administrative officer of the school, said in a press release that the generator worked on Faraday’s law of electro-magnetic induction. The rim of the bicycle wheel is attached to the shaft of the DC motor of 12-volt capacity with a driving belt. When the bicycle is peddled, the belt and the shaft revolve concurrently, creating an electromagnetic field. With the effect of the electromagnetic field, electricity is generated. In this project, 150 Watts of power can be generated with 1,500 revolutions a minute (RPM).The electricity generated here could be used for domestic lighting and recharging of mobile sets. The stand and the rim of the bicycle has been fabricated to suit the purpose. Peddling of this bicycle is good for health, besides generating power through environment-friendly method, he said.

Ms. Karigar hails from Gagri, a village in Shikaripur taluk. Her father Nagaraj Karigar is a lecturer in a private Industrial Training Institute here and her mother is a homemaker.



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