Biryani for Nirwani was fixed by the MLA’s


Scenes of yesterday of the Belgaum city corporation bring great dis honor to democracy. The outgoing mayor and presiding officer rejected all other forms except of Mr.Nirwani on technical grounds of wrong address and incomplete forms of namely of six candidates –– Dhanraj Gavali, Latifkhan Pathan, Shanta Uppar, Sadiq Inamdar, Netaji Jadhav and Kiran Sayanak.

Latifkhan Pathan, backed by the councillors of Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti, raised a hue and cry in the House and rushed to the Mayor’s podium.

The new mayor who is a lawyer himself, Mr.Nirwani took his chair on his own and adjourned the meeting and hence the Dy. Mayor could not be elected.

All this was planned by the MLA’s it is said.

Of the 58, 29 councillors belonged to the Kannada group, 28 to MES and one remained neutral, besides four MLAs — Firoz Sait and Satish Jarkiholi (both Congress), Sanjay Patil and Abhay Patil (both BJP) and MP Suresh Angadi. The Kannada-speaking faction was supported by all four legislators cutting across party lines and hence their victory was sure. But the twist in the story was done by the king maker Sambhaji Patil who split from the Kannada faction 11 members made a breakaway group along with the Marathi speaking group.

This split within the ruling faction was known to the ruling group and hence the rejection of nomination was sought.

40 members left for Bangalore yesterday 28 Marathi speaking along with 10 Kannada and Urdu group members along with Sambhaji Patil and Kamar to meet the governor. The group will also meet CM and ministers and also plan to meet the president of India and get the election of the Mayor canceled.

Why did this all happen and Biryani for Nirwani was fixed and all arrangements were made in that fashion and homework of the MLA’s was perfect.

A couple of MLA’s have shown very keen interest in implementing the 100 crore pacakage for the city as it was their fund only. The said package is approved by the Mayor and hence the MLA’s took keen interest in getting their person on the mayors post, for what, we need not tell you readers are very learned, aren’t you.

The 40 member team which has reached Bangalore consists of not only Marathi speaking members but 10 members from Kannada and Urdu faction as well. In a house of 58 + 5 elected representatives 40 members dont want this mayor, so now who is in a majority? The Mayor Nirwani or the 40 members.


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  1. Declare first mumbai union territory, How the marathi people are treating the north indians in mumbai is known to whole world, Basically MES is famous for Goondasim

  2. shame on karnatka government. centre shud declare belgaum as union territory at earliest. karnatka doesnt hv the capability to respect rights of linguistic minority community. ask kannada and shetty[hotelires] living in maharashtra how happily they are living here.

    • Very well said declare Belgaum as Union Territory & this will solve most of the problems of Belgaumites. The early it happens the better it is.

  3. It looks a pretty well planned plot by the MLA's and the 'so called' elected mayor keeping in view the ONE HUNDRED CRORE package given to belgaum city for development..

    And i am pretty much sure that development seems secondary with such scenes around…

  4. Whoever may be in majority…Its good that Mayor is from Kannada speaking group.
    We can atleast expect some developments for belgaum..

    • Is this what democary means ????

      Democracy is a political government carried out either directly by the people or by means of elected representatives of the people.
      40 out of 58 representatives were against …But this is what happened ….people are more worried about Kannada speaking Mayor or Marathi speaking Mayor BUT what about Belgaum….Our Belgaum

      100 crore pacakage ….a race for every one …lets see who eats how much and who gives how much….


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