BJP protests on fuel price hike


After the fuel price hike the BJP (south) did a protest at Govaves. MLA South Abhay Patil, Sahsikant Naik were present.


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  1. Its good in a way that petrol & diesel prices have gone up.. Its good for our environment and the city…
    less vehicle usage => less pollution…… People should think of alternative modes of transport…

  2. Ye sab nautanki hai. If BJP was at the Central, other opp party would have done this protest.

    All are the same culprits.

  3. hahahaha….the politicians should be made sit on donkey and paraded….they dont tell u how much money they swallowed eh!!!…the price rise is the reality of life…get over with it people. Development does not come from lower prices. Simple economics….supply and demand.


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