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CBSE released the marks distribution formula for Class 10 students. The students will be assessed out of maximum 100 marks for each subject. The internal Assessment for 20 marks and the assessment of 80 marks will be done by the school. The weightage will be — periodic test/unit test (10 marks), Half year exam (30 marks) and pre-board exams (40 marks).

The board has asked schools to form an 8-member result committee consisting of principal, five teachers one from each subject and two teachers from neighbouring schools as the external members of the committee.

In case schools have conducted more than one test/exam within each category then the weightage to be given to each test/exam within the category subject to the overall maximum marks for that category.

Every school will have a reference year which has the highest overall performance in the previous three years board examination. and overall average marks for the school assessed in 2021should not exceed the marks obtained in the reference year. The subject wise marks should be within a range of ± 2 marks of the reference year.

If any CANDIDATE(s) has not appeared in any Assessment, then the school may conduct offline/online or telephonic one to one assessment and record evidences. If any CANDIDATE(s) with benchmark disability has not appeared in any of the assessments then the school may consider other activities such as Portfolio, Presentations, Project, Quiz, Oral Test etc. and record evidences.

In case a student has offered different subjects other than the 5 major ones or offered more than 5 subjects, then the mean marks of the best 3 subjects out of maximum allotted marks may be awarded.

An online system will check whether the marks allotted by the school are in conformity with the reference year. The evidence of performance should be documented student-wise and maintained and to be kept in safe custody in a secure manner, which may be called upon for verification.

In case any student unable to meet the qualifying criteria, he or she may fall in “Essential Repeat or Compartment Category”. For such candidates school shall conduct an objective type compartment exam (offline/online) based on sample paper and upload marks for final result. These Student shall be allowed to continue in Class XI till declaration of the compartment result by CBSE.

CBSE has warned schools against indulging in unfair and biased practices for assessment or they will have to face penalty or disaffiliation.

The result will be announced on 20h June 2021.

Dr Manjeet Jain
Dr Manjeet Jain

Dr Manjeet Jain
Principal – Jain Heritage School – Belagavi

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