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Centre files reply in border issue case


After taking one and half year the Centre on Tuesday field a reply to the Maharashtra’s 2004 affidavit and its application in 2009 claiming jurisdiction of Belgaum and other cities.

“The transfer of certain areas to then Mysore (now Karnataka) was neither arbitrary nor wrong,’’ as claimed by Maharashtra,” Dr Praveen Kumari Singh, director of Ministry of Home Affairs, said in the Centre’s reply.


In its affidavit, the central government told the apex court that just because most people in the border district speak Marathi was not ground enough for the areas to be appended to Maharashtra.

According to the Union government, Maharashtra’s petition should be dismissed and exemplary cost should be imposed for filing such a suit. The state of erstwhile Mysore was joined with parts of Bombay, Hyderabad, Madras and Coorg to form Karnataka five decades ago under the States Reorganisation Act, 1956.

In a sharp reaction, Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray said the decision was ‘unfair’ to the people of Maharashtra. ‘If this is the case, then why not abolish this policy of carving out states on linguistic basis,’ he said. Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti (MES) leaders said ‘This is an unfortunate decision by the centre,’.

Others in Karnataka welcomed the Centre’s stand and said that this was according to the Mahajan Commissions report.

AAB’s View: We are sure this post will break all previous records of comments. But when something about development is posted the comments are the least. We expect the same commenting strength on all our posts. We love to read what you write as you love what we write. Jai Hind!



  1. The craziest never ending non-stop non-sense. You would all understand only when you leave the city and know what the rest of karnataka and maharashtra thinks of the people of this place.

    My further studies in made me realize how little people knew of this city within the state but I was not sad, as whatever they knew was accurate. They knew two languages are spoken, marathi and dharwad kannada. Good, and that Goa was close.

    My stay in Delhi made me feel im madrasi even after explaining the location of my loving city. For few I used Goa as the landmark as they knew absolutely where mumbai and pune came, leave alone belgaum.

    My biggest disheartening moments came in when I moved to Mumbai. Every maratha’s know how on Belgaum came as a slap on my face. The 1st question they asked is ‘where does it come ?’.

    Oh silly me to think that a marathi land is mine, I know the culture I will feel at home.

    People continued their slaps for 4 years, like one woman who was from konkan asked me ‘how is it in your culture? You have pongal right?’ before which she had asked ‘where is this belgaum’?

    I mind said not again but I calmly replied ‘we celebrate gudi padwa,make puran poli, vohini’

    I keep asking why do people of Belgaum fighting to be here or there when actually nothing matters to rest. Except for people who need votes and a constituency to win a chair.

    I had a tiff with a xerox boy and he had glanced my certificate, he said ‘i know you are coming from karnataka and spoiling here’. My shocking marathi was a slap, I said ‘do visit Belgaum and see for yourself how Shivaji Basaveshwar and Ambedkar jayanti is celebrated.

    Shivaji called kittur Chennamma his sister since then marathi men look upon kannadiga women like sisters. You must check how every festival is celebrated. You call yourself maratha but you don’t know where Belgaum is, what a shame.

    So belgaumites continue your fight,cause winning or losing wouldn’t matter to the rest. Jai hind

    • No politician would want to solve this, why can they rename states numerically. Atleast that would end the problem everywhere

  2. I want to thank AAB MR Uday….. he always tries to educate ppl wid recent development actions taken in bgm like the cleaning drive, the abondoned baby, old age homes, n many other helpful things…. GUD luck AAB n Uday…. m always wid u

    • I very much ahree with Mr Abby. Cogratukate ae well as Thank shree Uday for his wonderful innovative Website—'Allaboutbelgaum.com.A boon for Belgaumites who are spread world wide.

  3. GUYS GUYS GUYS….STOP FIGHTING…. V AL R HUMANS N AL HAV 2 EYES 2 EARS I NOSE 2 HANDS…WHEN ALL IS SAME THEN Y THE DIFFRNCE???…. SO LETS FOCUS ON CURRENT SITUATION…. crops r bein destroyed, due to changing weather patterns….plz do sumthing….learn new things…..prevent global warming protect ur family n frnds during natural calamities… n always b neutral

  4. After reading a variety of comments,I feel,as an ex-Belgaumian(if I may be be permitted to use that expression) feelings of most people appears to be, achieving betterment for Belgaum,rather than, quibbling able to live toge it should belong to.We sould be able to live together happily,whether you speak marathi or kannada.We have the supreme court,and we should respect its decision.

  5. My dear friends stop fighting for all this nonsense matter. support Belgaum to become a union teritory. i request Mr Uday please conduct a pole and ask the people of belgaum that who want to support Belgaum as union teritory and who dont supports

  6. .jai karnataka,jai maharastra n finaly jai hind…..

    This is wrong statement, it should be

    Jai Hind, Jai <<any state>>

    what say?

    Anyways, these things will go on, bcoz politicians should survive. If they do not do all this they will not be recognized and will not get money. First we have do something about these dirty politicians. They do not see that India has the potential to become super power.
    Do you know, US economy depends on Indian elections. After Indian elections US economy was up by 12%. Guys we have the potential, do not have the right people to drive us.
    Parties are following the same principle as Britishers. Divide and Rule. They have divided us into Castes, States, Languages, Culture, etc. I hate one party in India to the core.

  7. hello everyone as al of us know..this is political agenda….so ppl should never fight over it….wat i don understand bout these marathi politicians is they talk bout harassment of ppl speakin marathi….its totally baseless..no where does this happen in karnataka…in fact ppl speaking marathi hav an image of modern n hi-fi to say here..no one discriminates them..plz everyone one be united for d cause of development of country…jai karnataka,jai maharastra n finaly jai hind…..

  8. Dear Uday

    Maharashtra does not deserve to have Belgaum or the other villages because it cannot take care of what is already its, Take for example Vidharbha there people who cannot repay their loans are committing suicide by hanging themselves , cant the government help them by repaying their loans,

    That they will not do , these Marathi politicians cannot take care of what already belongs to them, what care will they take of Belgaum.

  9. The only reason for Belgaum to be part of Karanataka was the geographical location and to make life much easier and smooth for kannada speaking villages surrounding the city ( covered around 60- 75%). Geographical location was given the priority since there was diversified culture existed even in late 50's ,it was the center for Kannada , Marathi people and people from goa.

    Even if there is reorganization of states , the life of BELGAUMITES is going to be worsen and to adapt to new system of governance it will take time and there will be huge investment only for reorganization and not for economic growth and development at intial period.

    What we have seen in past few years in Belgaum is that there is Economic Development amongst the people but not the ECONOMIC GROWTH. The only demand from CENTRE and STATE is to ensure the ECONOMIC GROWTH of Belgaum and top priority, but not during elections.


    • Who the Hell Is THis???? Which is this Unity You Know The history when Mumbai state was there before Independence. The belgaum was part of Mumbai State & Your Kind of information Surounding the Belgaun city Almost 900VIllagise speaks only & only Marathi……….

      • stupid fellow…refresh ur gk first den talk…..belgavi belongs to karnataka….understand dis fact and even tel ur wife,brother,sister,parents,neighbours,relatives and friends also

  10. its actually fathu to debate on the net…….Where no sensible conclusions can be drawn…Central govt is the one which decides the integration of the nation,Supreme court had put the ball in union govt's court and the govt has rightly taken the decision.There is 99.99% percent probability that Supreme court will go with the central government's decision.
    Let Maharashtra concentrate on saving Vidharba region first…

  11. there is only one reason for karnataka for not letting go of belgaum to Maharashtra and that is Belgaum is one of the highest tax payers after B'lore mysore manglore hubli dharwad, They just want to fill up their bank balance…. Thats why they are playin this game

    • Hi Girish,
      I am native of the one of the Belgaum villages and I have stayed in Belgaum too..Your allegation is baseless.The Only reason Belgaum is carved in Karnataka is Historic basis…There are chunk of Marathi speaking in the city and few villages.On the same lines get to know about the Sangli District and how many villages speak kannada there and do business in Karnataka.If speaking Marathi is the reason then Mumbai city is growing with Hindi.Will you give to one of the Northern States.And do you want this to happen to all migrating cities…Just understand this is revolving around politics. You must be more concerned about the Vidharbha region.Even I feel bad because half of Belgaum is dry land too(including my village).

  12. @ prasad parmaj

    Your geographical knowledge about Karnataka is bad….rather pathetic!!! Belgaum is Karnataka's 5th biggest city
    The order goes like this- Bangalore,Mangalore,Mysore,Hubli-Dharwad then comes Belgaum.
    Maharshtra's population being twice that of Karnataka's its natural that cities in Maharashtra are bigger.
    Mind that Cities in Karnataka are cleaner and livable.
    Karnataka – Is the Migration Magnate.

  13. Uday,

    I would have been more happy if you had give the name of this article as “Belgaum is part of Karnataka:Center” (as most of the media has mentioned) rather than “Centre files reply in border issue case”. Is there any reason why you did not mention that?

    • Prasad Deshpande- Most of the media in Karnataka gave that heading which according to me is wrong. The center field an affidavit in which it mentioned that and this is not the end but just the beginning. so my heading was center files reply ….
      The whole process is very lengthy and this is not the end. Even many papers Marathi and Kannada said that next hearing is on 12 july where it will be decided for final, which is not the case. Next hearing is on 12 where now the Appleant in this case the State of Maharashtra will respond to this Centres reply. Then it will the time of the State of Karnataka to file its reply and on and on on.
      So I believe I mentioned it right with no bias to anyone – center files reply .. which it actually did. Hope i could clarify my stand

  14. So many comments as already stated by AAB….one is talking about reservations, one is talking about Mahajan report etc..most of them are only interested in all these activities. This is only politics(raajneeti)..tommoro we never know what may happen. Instead fighting among states- see how we can develop our city…AAB is tring so hard to promote development of the city- please post your thoughts, your views about how we can develop our city….

  15. Rather that commenting on emotions and what makes us unhappy, can we all pool in thoughts on what coulkd make both the lingustics happy….

    I am sure living with pride and respect is more important that in which state…. cant we have a situation while in karnataka that no one misses wht they feel they miss..

    Belgaum is Bi-lingual is a know fact ; history speaks of this for the last 500 years..

  16. This is not a surprise, the centre has expressed the obvious. And its good that it has taken an unbiased and blunt approach and even went onto say the neighbouring state should be fined for raking up the non-existent issue time and again.

    if these pathetic people travel around the border areas of karnataka on all sides, they will realize kannadigas have been magnanimous in not demanding overwhelmingly kannadiga dominated places like kasargoodu, hosur, ooty, ananthpur, not to mention the various places in mah, to be included in karnataka.

    perfection is something that god did not imbibe in a human being but these dirty people want a perfect marati state with every other district they can think of but without giving away anything… pathetic..


  17. Guys what i feel is its in-half of border issue now if Maharashtra is really interested in Belgaum let Maharashtra state Government to release Funds for Belgaum as there are so many Big cities in Maharashtra for ex: Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur & many more as their 1st priority would be Bigger Cities not city like Belgaum as here in Karnataka has only city Bangalore after it Belgaum is biggest city so its obvious they are making efforts to be developed as by allotting funds etc etc since 50years we are fighting for same issue guys when will it end…..?
    some day time might change youths mind & they might Start saying they want belgaum as different state best option we don't need border dispute nothing we all need is development hope for best and lets await for future:)
    thank you

    • I totally agree with Prasad Parmaj…
      Its a true fact tat belgaum would just be a big village in large state of Maharashtra….

      So,, lets stay back…. ! 🙂

    • Hey Prasad

      Please joke little less yaar … You think beggers can donate something to develope my town ? Saala they dont have money to develop their own cities n villages , how can you expext maharashtra’s beggar politicians to release funds to our city ?

      We have enough resources, enough money and a beutiful state goverment to supposrt us , no need of taking any help from maa-harashtra.

      I wrote so many times here that this case is similar to Kashmir issue, where pakistan beggs every day, but getting funds from pakistan develope our Kashmir is Kalank to all Hindustaani’s ….

  18. Belgaum belongs to Belgaumites and we should forget the past, the past has only spoken of warriors and not good administrators who were pro people and development of scoeity, thats we act in aggresion and harsh ways. if in our past we had good administrators ruling us who gave importance to good culture and development of society belgaumites today would not be fighting on language issue rather we would have been a more advanced community with all the natural resources that god has gifted us in Belgaum. our rulers were mere tax collectors, tomb builders, religion enforcers..

    Lets forget the past and join hands for development, I am sure they youth of belgaum irrespective of language only need development and respect both languages and cultures…
    its time to move on, unite and consolidate for a better future.

  19. Ha ha ha… Atleast now MES/MNS shoud stop crying. I heartly welcome the centre’s decision. BELGAVI belongs to KARNATAKA state. JAI KARNATAKA.. JAI KANNADA

  20. Summary on Border issue… (Source: eSakal)

    रेंगाळलेला सीमाप्रश्‍न

    २९ मार्च २००४ – सीमाप्रश्‍न सर्वोच्च न्यायालयात; महाराष्ट्राकडून याचिका; केंद्र सरकार आणि कर्नाटक प्रतिवादी

    ऑक्‍टोबर २००६ – सीमाप्रश्‍न अस्तित्वात नसल्याचे प्रतिज्ञापत्र तत्कालीन गृहमंत्री शिवराज पाटील यांच्याकडून सादर

    ऑक्‍टोबर २००६ – प्रतिज्ञापत्रावर महाराष्ट्र आणि सीमाभागातून संतप्त प्रतिक्रिया; केंद्राकडून सुधारित प्रतिज्ञापत्र सादर

    ऑक्‍टोबर २००८ – कर्नाटकाचे म्हणणे सादर

    ८ फेब्रुवारी २००९ – महाराष्ट्राकडून मूळ याचिकेत दुरुस्ती

    जुलै २००९ – कर्नाटकाकडून महाराष्ट्राच्या मागणीला आक्षेप

    १४ जून २०१० – केंद्राकडून म्हणणे सादर. महाराष्ट्राचा दावा फेटाळण्याची मागणी

    ५ जुलै २०१० – केंद्राचे प्रतिज्ञापत्र जाहीर. सीमाभागातून निषेध

    १२ जुलै २०१० – खटल्याच्या पुढील सुनावणीची तारीख.

    • Hi pranav….

      We are least bothered about ur interest in history of border issue..
      Can we talk something about Belgaum, its people, development, economy, poverty, civic problems….
      Hope u find some time…!

  21. Summary on Border Issue… (From: eSakal.com)

    रेंगाळलेला सीमाप्रश्‍न
    २९ मार्च २००४ – सीमाप्रश्‍न सर्वोच्च न्यायालयात; महाराष्ट्राकडून याचिका; केंद्र सरकार आणि कर्नाटक प्रतिवादी
    ऑक्‍टोबर २००६ – सीमाप्रश्‍न अस्तित्वात नसल्याचे प्रतिज्ञापत्र तत्कालीन गृहमंत्री शिवराज पाटील यांच्याकडून सादर
    ऑक्‍टोबर २००६ – प्रतिज्ञापत्रावर महाराष्ट्र आणि सीमाभागातून संतप्त प्रतिक्रिया; केंद्राकडून सुधारित प्रतिज्ञापत्र सादर
    ऑक्‍टोबर २००८ – कर्नाटकाचे म्हणणे सादर
    ८ फेब्रुवारी २००९ – महाराष्ट्राकडून मूळ याचिकेत दुरुस्ती
    जुलै २००९ – कर्नाटकाकडून महाराष्ट्राच्या मागणीला आक्षेप
    १४ जून २०१० – केंद्राकडून म्हणणे सादर. महाराष्ट्राचा दावा फेटाळण्याची मागणी
    ५ जुलै २०१० – केंद्राचे प्रतिज्ञापत्र जाहीर. सीमाभागातून निषेध
    १२ जुलै २०१० – खटल्याच्या पुढील सुनावणीची तारीख.

  22. guys.. please… dont divide yourself being marathi or kannadiga…

    just read the mahajan report and haan this fellow Meher Chand Mahajan is from maharastra only…

    Excerpts of the Mahajan Report

    Excerpts from the Mahajan committee report regarding rejection of Maharashtra’s claim over Belgaum:[8]

    “ Maharashtra’s claim for Belgaum is of recent origin. Though tabled in Parliament, Maharashtra MPs, especially from the treasury benches, did not vote against the amendment of Belgaum being part of their state. Belgaum is a cosmopolitan city. In 1920, when the AICC session was held in Belgaum, not a single leader from Maharashtra including N C Kelkar demanded that it be part of that state. Geographically, Kannada areas surround the city of Belgaum on three sides and by a smattering of villages belonging to Maharashtra on the fourth. Reorganisation will cause extreme hardship. Status quo should be maintained. From the records of rights of Belgaum city, it is seen that a majority of lands belong to Kannadigas. All the original records in the offices of the amlatdar and collector are in Kannada. On the appreciation of the whole material and assessing it objectively, I have reached the conclusion that I cannot recommend the inclusion of Belgaum city in the state of Maharashtra. ”

    The following are the summary of Mahajan committee report.

    Belgaum to continue in Karnataka

    Around 247 villages/places including Jatta, Akkalakote, Sholapur to be part of Karnataka

    Around 264 villages/places including Nandagad, Nippani Khanapur to be part of Maharastra

    Kasaragod (of Kerala) to be part of Karnataka

    The Maharashtra and Kerala government refuted the recommendations of the report and demanded another review of the issue. Maharashtra government termed the findings of the reports as biased and self-contradictory because the “formula” applied for Kasaragod was not applied for Belgaum. Maharashtra Government insisted that the report is against the “wish of people” of Belgaum. Kerala, on the other hand, refused to hand over Kasaragod to Karnataka. The Karnataka government, continued to press for the implementation of the report or maintaining status quo.

  23. The Karnataka govt should think about the people not the basis of caste or religion or any other thing but on the basis people and their knowledge. Our leaders have fought for Belgaum we cannot forget them, We have to again think about our country.

  24. The so called Majority of the Marathi speaking people are kannadigas ,who become marathis sine there wer no Kannada medium schools.The said so called marathi speaking people ,who are in majority are not really maharastrians but pure kannadigas.

    • Thats true..

      My dad being a Kannadiga had to study in a Marathi medium school in his times..
      We are all fortunate that we have enough options for everybody… And luckily Marathi speaking people in Karnataka have equally good education system in Karnataka than the Kannadigas in Maharastra…

  25. belgaon maharashtrache ani maharashtrat janarach. ho mi maratha ahe ani mi belgaon madhe abghimaana ni rahato pan jeva court kacheri ache kam asta teva amchya var annyay hoto. sagle kagad patra kannad madhe. kai samajnaar.

    • My dear friend, people working in court are not only kannada speaking people there are even people form marathi background and your claim that all the court official papers are in Kannada I would like to say that since Belgaum belongs to Karnataka, obviously all Government mcorrespondence/letters will be in Kannada. And what about Kannada population living in bordering Maharastra like Solapur, Akkalkot etc, they never object that all Govt papers should be in Kannada. Friend learn to be a Roman while in Rome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . I am a hardcore Kannadiga, but never averse to adopting to other languages or cultures………….be broadminded.

    • good girish even kannada people ask for help when ever they are in problem from now we should help them in case off college matter and any other lafada mara kahundey the harami ami tenna madat karay cha nahi " amacha jewa wara nacha tha the "

      • Hi Ravi I'll translate it to u in
        Marathi— Belgaon Maharashtra chech
        english—– Belgaum is Maharashtra's
        Kannada —- Belgaon Maharashtra kade
        Hindi——- belgaum maharashtra ka hai
        Konkani—-Belgaon maharashtra che
        Gujarathi —-Belgaon maharashtra Nu Che

        • did u mean
          Marathi— Belgaon karnataka chech
          english—– Belgaum is karnatka’s
          Kannada —- Belgaon karnataka kade
          Hindi——- belgaum karnataka ka hai
          Konkani—-Belgaon karnataka che
          Gujarathi —-Belgaon karnataka Nu Che

  26. this is not final and centre is just trying to defend itself as they know that maharashtra have filed a case on them that they had put belgaum forcibally in karnataka. now its obvious tthat they will give such a statement because if they dont they will be proven guilty for what they have done. supreme court verdict will be final. i say it has just begun.

  27. This is only a reply of central govts home affiars body to the maharashtra govt affidavit of 2004 and not a decision of supreme court.

  28. As per the article above, AAB's editor or whoever wrote this article is expecting lots of people to comment on. What they dont realise is this is not 60's or 70's. Please note this is 2010 and people have more important issuesto deal with than this petty issue. They hvae to work and put food for thier families speciallly when inflation is hovering around 17 to 18%.


  29. To all those are concern with this petty and baseless issue, I have two words "MOVE ON" with ur life. Its not like end of the world…haha. You should all worry about how to keep clean the city and keep it clean. You should have workshops, forums, clinics' etc and educate people to recycle, keep the city clean etc.


  30. atleast centre has given a response not a problem if its in karnataka favour. centre was responsible for this problem as they had put belgaum in karnataka. now as maharashtra govt have filed a case on the centre itself the centre will not accept its mistakes because if they do that then that will prove that centre had put belgaum forcga

  31. I obey the decision of the center but what about the problems of the Marathi Peoples. According to me there should be separate policy for the Marathi peoples in Karnataka.
    Like how there is a separate policy for Muslims in India. There should more reservation for Marathi peoples in Karnataka or they should get some advantage in Karnataka as well as Maharashtra
    This is what I Think about this issue.

    • Why drag the caste issue here??? There is no separate policy for MUSLIMS. Muslims are not even represented in proportion to the total population in the Goverment Services etc. Keep the issue to Karnataka and Maharashtra only. If you demand reservation for Marathi people in Karnataka, its is understood and valid, but please keep the Religious didvide OUT!! by singling out MUSLIMS.

      • What Vishwajeet meant Muslims was minorities on a whole I believe and his point of view was that Marathi speaking people should also get some kind of reservations. nothing against anyone or a community. This is to clarify.

        • Hey dude

          Its all a mess/a joke again. marathi’s tried claiming Belgaum to maharashtra stating they are majority in this place n now when head n tail reversed they are seeking reservations like muslim minorities in INDIA, what a game ….

          Its all a crap and marathis always try to play chameleon game of color changing.

          • mahant… you are bang on… Even I wanted to tell the samething.

            No more reservations please 🙂

  32. Well If Centre has said its words, and its in all the favour of Karnataka. Can the MES join the words and help to build the Belgaum bright and healthy for the next generation city. Can MES who is in opposition @ the council take interest and develop the city instead of digging the grave of the files which are already closed.
    Belgaumites plz reply to MES so that the funds which are sent for development should be spent on the public works.. as nothing is happening…

    • Welcome move by the Center. Center rightly said that states cannot be divided on caste,religion,language, otherwise very purpose of democracy fails.
      states are made only for administrative purposes.
      Remember The whole country is ONE STATE.
      JAI HIND

      • Dear Uday,
        I request you not to post the comments from some ugly people like this. They will Spoil the heaven

      • Hey prasad, development of belgaum is most important thing… let them divert energies in the right channel wherein it benefits people, its easy to provoke people on language and religion but not on constructive issues…I am sure you are not staying in a slum mindset and think in that direction…if you and so called tigers think you can really work, work for development and let me see thier capabilities as tigers of development…days of hooliganism are over…Karnatakas history is more ancient and rich than maharastra, rulers of karnataka had their borders from Nepal in the north to peshawar in north east, sumatra and java in the east to sri lanka in the east….but thats all history it doesnt really matter…how good the past is, its about how good we can make the present or the future…

      • Well Said Prasad. ……… Paper Dosa….. Excellent quote.

        Hats Off Dude.

        Jay Maharastra Jay Hind!!!!!!!

      • U are right Prasad… This is just a affidavit. Because Maharashtra had filed a case against the centre because they were not givin any response to the Supreme court they just for the sake of presenting somethin to the court they played this game. And its obvious for them to give this statement in Kar-natak favour because they know they are the creators of this problem and if now they give somethin in Maharashtra's favour they will be held guilty in front of the Supreme Court. But finally Maharashtra will WIN. Because truth is Truth no one can hide it…

      • Who the hell r u to talk about chacha nehru and the great icons of India ?

        This is a forum to debate not to shit here,,,, control your tongue else this time Belgaumites will shit n make a DHOKALA of it n wil make you eat.

        work for better Belgaum , dont spoil the peace here

  33. I welcomed central govt. opinion on belgaum but for belgaum people its not an big issue. our main issue is overall development of belgaum city.

  34. By favouring Karnataka's stand where BJP is in power and asking for punishment for Maharashtra where Congress is in power, the Centre has set a very good example that it is above petty politics and treats all its states equally and thereby putting an end to pessimistic views of India's future.
    I hope that at least now Karnataka govt will take Belgaum and her people seriously and work towards getting Belgaum what is rightly its.

  35. I think this should be a FULL STOP to the Belgaum border issue & non of them should bother or debate on this further. Thank God is all OVER.

    • Haa ha u think 55 year old issue will be over like this… it will only be over when Bgm will go to Maharashtra

      • IF bgm to MAHARASHTRA , We the kannadigas will make a issue or you can say WAR seeing which total maharashtra will come to KARNATAKA…! Mind It…!

    • We are neither Kannadigas nor Maharashtrians, we are Belgaumites, our great city should be made a Union Territory and prosper after years of neglect by whichever party is in power at Bangalore. No employment, youth wasting time chewing Star or Tobacco.., corruption at Tahsildar office, Sub-registrar office., sic.,

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