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Citizen gets the printer repaired at Prepaid auto counter


There are TWO pre-paid auto booth currently working in Belagavi one at CBT and the other one near Ramdev.

Mahant Vakkund an active member of the group Belgaum mein auto ka meter down karo had visited the booth yesterday and found that the booth was working properly with a police constable inside but the printer was not working. The constable had to write on a piece of paper the fare and hand it over.


When asked the officers how’s it going they said “Most of the time auto drivers come and collect the receipts from the booth by paying Re. 1/- even though passengers approach them directly (That may be because on the way other policemen don’t ask auto drivers to show permit and other documents because he is running prepaid) as of now about 30 people in a day are making use of it, among which 5-8 are direct approaches to booth by passengers. auto-prepaid1
Unfortunately the printer in the counter wasn’t working and when Mahant asked the officers they said ” RTO and POLICE department both aren’t sure who needs to repair it, so it’s dead and we are writing the receipts by hand”.

Today Mahant visited the booth again with a Printer service man and got the printer working in 5 mins. Now the booth issues printed receipts.
The gesture of Mahant to help other citizens is applaudbale at the same time it is a lesson to the authorities that the citizens have to get such things repaired.

Not many know that the Pre paid auto booths are working, the authorities are also not advertising about the same.
So the next time you are near Ramdev or CBT make use of the Pre paid auto booth its for us and we must make use of it.



  1. Very Good work Mahanthapa Vakkund! Ur work inspires us! We all should work for making Belgaum’s Autos to be metered

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