City to get new Mayor tomorrow


“Mayor” (from the Latin māior, meaning “greater”) is a modern title used in many countries for the highest ranking officer in a municipal government.

Mayor acts as city bureaucrat who is generally a state-appointed officer. The Mayor in the Municipal Corporation is usually chosen through direct vote for a term of one year. The Mayor generally lacks executive authority. The Municipal Commissioner serves as the Principal Executive Officer subject to the power and administration of the Mayor as the Chief Executive Officer.

Tomorrow the elected councilors will vote to elect the 22nd Mayor for Belgaum.

In the 26 year history of the corporation 19 times a Marathi speaking was a mayor and the rest were Kannada speaking.

Belgaum has a unique distinction of its Mayoral election for that matter even the election to the city Corporation, elsewhere, where political parties like BJP, Congress, JDS field in candidates in Belgaum there are no officials party candidates, all most all stand as independents belonging to 3 major groups – Marathi speaking, Kannada Speaking & Urdu speaking.

Sambhaji Patil has been elected Mayor on Four occasions and Vandana Belgundkar twice.

This time as well the ill fighting between the ruling Kannada group and Marathi group is out of the box. Allegations of horse trading by the losing parties is common and this year as well same will be repeated. The ruling Kannada group is strong and might get away with the Mayor posts this time as well. Unofficially name of Mr. Nirwani is being brought forward for the post.

The Marathi group is also not behind and is trying to get in. In the 58 member house, over the past years the role played by the MLA’s and MP’s has become decisive in the voting. MLA’s want a different candidate and this could cause some troubles amongst the ruling group.
Many of you might ask what does a mayor do for the city? A Simple answer for the next six months from tomorrow he will spend time getting felicitated from various organizations and the next six months he will try and understand his work and by the time he understands it his term is over.


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