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Clean N Clear is the Mantra


Resolutions time is here.

For 2010, at AAB, we have a resolution too.

vega spaces belagavi

We intend to make everything that revolves around AAB clean and clear. We are not talking about just news. When we say everything, it includes our presentation manifesto, our content strategy, our style substance, our creative layout, our ad campaigns, our value proposition, everything.

Clean N Clear Design Overhaul for AllABoutBelgaum by Leading Minds

Having said that, we needed to get started on our resolution. The first step towards the same is the layout of our site. While the color schema and layout remains the same, if you notice, we have made it far cleaner and clearer if you will. The boxes are now squared and appear in a proper formation adding clarity to our website. We have got a brand new news slider that lets you take a look at our ‘featured posts’ segment, at the bottom of the page, we’ve integrated a social media toolbar that lets you indulge and synthesize AAB with social media elements like Facebook, Twitter, Chatting and RSS and a whole lot more.

We plan to keep working on this day on day, month on month, with the precise objective of delivering clean, clear and Belgaum focused media content for our passionate readers.

For this design overhaul, we’d like to thank the folks at Leading Minds!

2010, here we come!




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