Commissioner Ravikumar relieved from his duties Leaves for Bengaluru


Commissioner of City Corporation MR Ravikumar was relieved of his duties as commissioner late on Tuesday and he left for Bengaluru at 11 pm sources said.

M R Ravikumar

He has handed over his charge to Assistant commissioner Swamy.
A new commissioner would be appointed only after the elections of the Bengaluru corporation sources said.


He did take part in all the activities of the Corporation on Tuesday as the corporation had not received the official letter from the minitsry. But later in the evening he was relieved of his duties.



  1. First of All I want to rephrase the sentence of Mr. Shailesh who had commented on a previous post as
    "The officers who have political connections always get their transfer Cancelled….."
    Mr. Shailesh the correct sentence is "The officers who have political connections never get transferred"

    Secondly Mr. Ravikumar was a threat to the Political personalities who were afraid they might loose their "Illegal properties" to the hands of Belgaum City Corporation. Hence the "Game of Transfer".

    Always remember a Policy "If you are Sincere, then you will definitely find such situation in your Life".
    Anyway something change we were expecting from our Belgaum City but unfortunately due to the political creed once again our City has stepped back.
    i wish Success for Mr. Ravikumar in his future tenure and request him to keep his struggle towards Injustice.

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