Constable on leave suspended – Gandhi nagar violence


Two policemen were suspended for their negligence in duty with regards to the recent July 12 violence in Gandhinagar area.

Commissioner of police suspended havaldar Suresh Kamble and constable Basavraj Karoshi both are attached to the MalMaruti Police station.

Suresh Kamble was on official leave for personal reasons from July 11 to July 13 and he was suspended for negligence in duty.

On the other Karoshi was deputed on Eid duty at Jalgar Galli. The question how does their negligence cause any sort of violence?
Sources say this is a clear case of victimization of the two police personnel.


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  1. Punish the culprits not the police constables.
    Belgaum police needs order they will pull all the culprits from Ghandi Nagar and punish them, but our politicans dont give them orders where as order the higer police officials to susppend the junior ranks employee…..


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