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COVID-19 with regard to pets


• General information about SARS-COV-2

Presently COVID-19 has outreached as pandemic disease. In response to this outbreak people in the society are panic about the disease. There are rumors and some myths among the pet owners, breeders, and common people that it may affect the health of companion animals and vice-versa.


In this article as a Vet, would like to inform you all about COVID-19 with respect to companion animals.• Can SARS-COV-2/COVID-19 infect Pets?

The World Health Organization announced that pets have no role in the spread of COVID-19.

There is limited evidence that companion animals can be infected with SARS-COV-2 and no evidence that pet dogs or cats can be a source of infection to other animals or to humans resulting in COVID-19.• Should I avoid contact with pets or other animals, if I am sick with COVID-19?

As per CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)     recommendation “you should restrict contact with pets or other animals while you are sick with COVID-19, just like you would around other people although there have not been reports of pets or other animals becoming sick with COVID -19.

People who are sick with COVID-19 try to limit the amount of direct contact with their pets. Whenpossible, have another member of your household or neighbor to care for your animal.

Under unavoidable circumstances If you need to care for your pet or be around animals while you are sick ensure to maintain good hygiene practices such as washing hands before and after interacting with your pets , regular bathing of pets , wearing face mask during contact. • If my pet has been in contact with who is sick from COVID-19, can it spread the virus to other people?

While we do not yet know for sure, there is noevidence that pets can be infected with or spread COVID-19. Additionally there is currently no evidence that companion animals could be a source of infection to people.• What should I do if my pet develops an unexplained illness and was around a person with documented COVID-19 infection?

If your pet develops an unexplained illness has been exposed to a person with COVID-19, talk to local officials, vets. They advise you to take your pet to veterinary clinic, call your vet before you go to let them know that you are bringing a sick pet that has exposed to person with COVID-19. This will allow the clinic time to prepare an isolation area for consultation and treatment.• What should be done with pets in areas where the virus is    active?

Currently there is no evidence that pets can be infected with COVID-19, although there have not been reports of pets or other animals becoming sick with COVID-19 till today.

Limit the amount of direct contact with animals in your house hold, including petting, snuggling, being kissed or licked and sharing food. Ensure that you have necessary pet items on hand ahead of time, including three week supply of pet food and prescription or non prescription medications.  

Additional information 

Currently no vaccines are available in any market for respiratory corona virus infection in the dog. The available vaccine is intended to protect against enteric corona virus infection and not the respiratory corona infection. 

As always prevention is better than cure, kindlyfollow the hygienic methods, stay healthy and be safe.

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From: Dr.Praveen Wadeyar

Veterinary doctor, Belagavi.

Mobile No: 9483834999


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