Criminal case to be filed if anyone enters state without Epass – DC Belagavi



Deputy Commissioner Dr. S B Bommnhalli in a release stated, it is illegal and a criminal case would be filed against all those who enter the State from Karnataka from any other state without a valid Epass issued by the State Govt.


It has come to the notice that a few persons have entered the state from other neighboring states without a valid Epass issued under the Seva Sindhu helpline for Inter State Travel.

This type of entry into the state is illegal and strict action will be taken against them.

S B Bommanhalli ias dc belagavi
S B Bommanhalli

Anyone who enters the Belgagavi district from other neighboring states, including Maharashtra, without voluntary e-pass, should voluntarily inform the health department and get examined, and also the local police station should be informed.

A criminal case will be filed if the intruder does not voluntarily come forward and inform the administration.

District officials have requested the public to be informed of any such illegal arrivals from other states to the Control Room 0831-2407290 or the nearest police station.



  1. Recently before 4 days near 3 rd gate ,a new brand vehicle even without temporary registration no was seen going towards Udyambag , Also almost 4 cars having Goa passing were seen near 3 rd gate , entering Belgaum .How these people are entering Belgaum, since there might be risk .


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