When full is not needed, we ask for a cutting chai. When we know the value of a few ml of chai, then why not the same with water? Just because it is free? Remember, every drop of water is sacred, priceless and has to be saved.


March is here and the summers have already arrived. Looking at the past experiences of acute shortage of drinking water during summers, Belgaum Foodies will be launching a campaign called ‘Cutting Pani’ on World Water Day on 22 March 2020.

Belgaum Foodies is a social media page covering the updates happening in the Belagavi food industry and has a follower base of more than 20,000 foodies from Belagavi.

Having a good rapport with many hotels and restaurants in the city, we will be approaching many outlets and requesting them to serve only half a glass of drinking water to the customers.

It has been observed that when a full glass of water is served, customers just take a few sips and the rest goes wasted. We have designed posters for the campaign which will be posted in the hotel premises for awareness.

Photographs of hotels serving cutting pani will be posted on our social media platforms for encouragement. Photographs of people drinking cutting pani will also be posted to make it a public movement using hashtag #CuttingPani

CUTTING PANI Belgaum Foodies Cutting Pani Campaign has already been initiated in cities like Pune, Bengaluru, and Mumbai and has saved millions of liters of water on a daily basis. Though it looks small it directly affects the minds of the people that how even a small quantity of water is important.

According to the Asian Development Bank’s forecast, by 2030, India will have a water deficit of 50 percent. Research also shows that 7 out of 10 people don’t finish their glass of water, which then goes to waste.

We need to start acting now itself and do this for ourselves and generations to come. Else the day is not too far when we will see Full Pani and Half Pani in the menu cards along with the rates.

We request all hotels, restaurants, canteens, activists, media, and citizens to join us in this campaign and help us spread the word.



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    Excellent move!!! KUDOS!!! Now if only a group would undertake going around, monitoring QUIETLY for a few days, people that literally bathe their cars, bikes and gardens everyday. Then educate these illiterates the value of water and advise them against doing so. But they do this on the daily so since a dogs tail is always curled better to send the respective authorities their way.

    Stay grateful and blessed people

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