Disturbances 11 Buses damaged


Updated 5am 12 Feb 2010

About 11 buses have been damaged and shops in Maruti Galli and Gapat Galli also faced some stone pelting. One tanker was tired to set a blaze at Sangolli Raynanna Circle.

Stones were pelted at Ex MP Amar Sinh Patil residence. Police has tightened security in communally sensitive areas.

An auto was also attacked and driver and two commuters were injured.

City bus service and inter city bus service has been halted since night.

Sri Ram sena has called for a Belgaum BANDH on Saturday.
A series of stone throwing on cars and buses has been reported from various parts of the city in late evening.

A honda City car was damaged on College road, a Tanker and other few buses were also damaged by alleged Sri Ram sena Supporters in response to their chief being blackened today at Bangalore at a gathering.

Lot of rumours are going around, but situation looks normal till this post was being made, but broken pieces of glass were visible across major roads.
Dont believe on rumours and contact the nearest police station in case of need.


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  1. bcoz of these damn stupid parties bgm has alwayz suffered b it karnataka /maharashtra issuse or b it any xyz issuse … innocent ppl who r no where involved r these issuses r suffering… if these xyz parties wanna show their anger then ask them to show it to their opposite parties other then destroying or harming normal pplz property or lives …

  2. This is not the mistake of Their Leader,
    but the people who are supporting him and being in his party and trouble the innocent people,
    how these people are believing such person who is directing them towards the distraction of the city,state & country. I think now the time has come near of end of our countries peace, from two months I am fade of watching these nonsense news. you on any news channel of two states Karnataka or maharashtra, always fighting on the baseless issue and our people are supporting them, now at least wake up guy's, at least for our next generation. issues issues issues issue and more issues. our cities and states have become Jungle raaj now.

  3. Very good he got what he wanted. I dont like any person attacking women. and his men had done that. They were not men but cowards who were beating young women.. mutalik is a coward too.

  4. wen wil ma city be in peace all time Bandhi this that bla bla why these guys creating problems to normal people by stopping bus this that ….. In half now let all matters clam Dawn let ma city be in peace

  5. Its tit 4 tat….
    wen his men attacked women in m’lore tat ws nt attack on democracy????
    nw wen their boss is attacked tey say attack on democracy!!!!


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