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E –cash, Swiss Dollar: Multilevel chain business looters nabbed


Belgaum police arrested six persons on the charge of cheating several people to the tune of crores of rupees through E-Cash Online Business. They did business in different names such as Reliable, diamond, Swiss dollar.


All this was done using internet as a medium.

The police have seized Rs. 18 lakh, six cars, six laptops, foreign currencies, 37 ATM cards, 13 mobile phones and cheque books from the accused.

Source: Tarun Bharat



  1. i m also some amount invested in this dollar scheme through kiran tahkur’s wife vaishali thakur.they force me to invest in swiss cash.but til now i dont get single paisa returns, actually they invested more than 2000000(twenty lakh) rupees. & enjoing the benefit. actually i also tarun bharat daily staff. all tarun bharat staff & sakaal daily some staff was work in this scheme. but they focus on local public only. both paper was misguide the public.tarun bharat daily was suspended three staff members, including me. and sakaal daily reporter M.D.MULLA, also invest rs.200,000/- but he has also focus on some innocent people.htese two media papers staff &mgmt was work together with mr.bellad, suresh zond, anand dodamani,daulat chohan,sanjay tnginkai,ajay narer, sunil naik,kiran halgekar,etc.these are all enjoy olts of benefits from these type schemes.

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