by Nachiket A Hanmantgad

In the recent times it can be seen that number of MBA colleges have cropped up, especially in the tier 3 cites like Belgaum, Hubli, Dharwar etc. Ultimately leading to number of MBA’s every year in the market, some getting good jobs some more settling for whatever is available.


mbaI have completed my MBA from GIT and my experience of two years at [email protected] was very wonderful one, typically like a college life, it was fun and entertaining with lots of memories. But it isn’t possible to a cash those memories, isn’t it??.
Did I join MBA for fun and entertainment??
Here “I” do not represent me personally, but all the student fraternity of Tier 3 cities, this article though represents my opinion, but the opinions are framed based on interactions with friends of my college, other college, other cities (Hubli/ Dharwar). And probably, you the juniors are also developing same “College life” feelings, and fresher’s will be hoping for it. But hold on, as you may have guessed this article speaks exactly opposite of it.

During 4thsemester (Final SEM) we had industrial visit to Amul plant in Gujarat. We also visited the IIM Ahmadabad the premium B school of the country. There we interacted with the faculty, toured the entire large campus. It was mesmerizing. They had Wi-Fi campus, even we have, they have large library and even we have. All the books found in library are found in IIMA library. Faculties shared same thoughts. Coming to students, we found they were much more serious in their approach, were working without supervision. That’s the difference, and why is that difference? don’t we want to be successful? Certainly we do want. Then what is the problem? Why are we not able to be so much attractive to recruiters like any other premium B schools ?

The problem is in the approach towards MBA

MBA is not a compulsion, but it’s your choice. As some of you might have chosen to read only the heading of this article, some few paragraphs, others till here and even till end. It’s your choice to read and ignore it or to have a thought and understand the depth of the article.

Remember, MBA is not a college, it’s a professional program. Here you do not have the liberty of enjoying the student life, but responsibility of grooming yourself to climb the career ladder.

What is Opportunity cost of doing MBA??

In the entire two years you spend at least 4 lakhs (Much more than that). And each one of you be a graduate, hence certainly if would not have done MBA, you would get a job earning salary of at least 10K/month in Belgaum. And for two years it would be 2.40K (Considering you don’t get hike or promotion, worst case). So basically you are sacrificing such huge money.

You are sacrificing parents 4L and your own 2.40K and joining MBA for what? For enjoyment and fun?? And finally after two years of MBA, struggling to get a job?? And not to forget, putting the blame on college for everything?? Sorry boss! Think again.

What you are doing in two years??

A studious student might argue, “I attend all classes, submit assignments before deadline, study well get good marks…. What am I expected to do?”

This is the fundamental problem. All above mentioned are expected from a student of a college. But you are not a student, and MBA program is not a college. To sum up what a studious student does is that he only attends classes in his MBA. But is it enough??

To better understand the situation, let’s compare MBA program with QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) such as KFC, Dominos, and McD etc. What do you do there when you visit??

You enter the restaurant, look at menu, walk to billing counters, place order, pay, wait for the order to arrive, carry it to table, enjoy it with friends, take some selfis, check in on FB, share photos, etc. You do so many things and restaurant does not do anything. And moreover sometimes even wait in queue. All after paying few hundred bugs.

But what you do in MBA, just attend classes???

In MBA program also like in KFC you have come voluntarily, you have come with a purpose, and the purpose is much more than spending time or satisfying hunger isn’t it? The purpose is to discover yourself, your future. Not just spend two years like irresponsible student.

What you actually do here is, considering the most studious, as well as “Mr. India’s” (Students who always invisible till exams), you attend classes. Some make notes, some don’t, some write assignments, and some copy it, some study days before exam, some study just before exams, and finally some pass with high marks and some just pass. But everybody passes, it’s rare to find failures and drop outs in MBA in any college.

What you must be doing??

None of the activities mentioned above are going to be productive to you after your MBA. Yes, I mean it. If scoring high marks in examinations were so important. Then why wouldn’t an investor invest in you or your business plan based on your marks and VTU (VishvesvarayaTechnological University) certificates?? Why wouldn’t a recruiter hire you just based on your marks and not conducting any test such as GD, personal interviews??

Lecturers discuss very important and crucial topics. Do we try to gather more information of what they discuss? Do we discuss about the topics or the topics important for our career after classes with our friends and lecturers?? Case studies are given to each one of us, for the discussion on next day. How many of us touch it at least once, before the next day class??

As always we have reasons. One widely accepted reason is that, after 9 to 5 classes we will be tired. And after being tired what we do? We go to cafes, canteens and sit and chat. But we don’t realize that in the same canteen and café, case studies could be discussed. Nowadays entire campuses are Wi-Fi enabled, there is smart phone in your hand (Obliviously), why can’t you Google out information on case studies and discuss it with a bite of burger and a coffee or a coke??

Lecturers ask us prepare PPT (PowerPoint presentations) on a certain topic. What do we do?? Just Google the matter, copy and paste what is found on net (sometimes with the hyperlinks). And there are few among us, who call themselves smart, download the entire PPT from the websites such as and, and boast of completing the PPT within minutes and not getting caught by the lecturer.

Who would have gained knowledge, if you would have prepared PPT by referring books, reading articles online?? If you are not interested to take so much trouble, Then Why did you sacrifice your 10K/month salary (opportunity cost of doing MBA) and end up here.

Again the problem is of the approach. The problem is you consider yourself as students. And lecturers as, masters who should be obeyed to gain marks. Remembers the lecturers are just the facilitators, they just help you in making your carrier by providing the direction and grooming but they don’t make your career. They provide the inspiration, motivation.

Without extending much, would like to suggest, its just matter of two years, come out of the myth of student and college life, explore, cease the opportunities, and work hard, Trips, Movies all can wait, but your MBA program ends in just two years, make most of it. Subjects in MBA don’t contain any theorems or derivations, so explore them, not for writing answer in exam but for your career. Remember what you do in college hour’s matters least in making of your career, but really matters is what you do, how productively you spend your time after college hours.

At the end of the day it’s your choice. You can either watch movie daily, in the laptop taken for the purpose of doing PPTs or you can use same laptop to browse till late night in the college library and gain knowledge. Exams and scoring doesn’t matter. It does not mean you should not study. Don’t confine your studies only to handbooks, senior notes, syllabus copies etc.

Just change the approach

All the Best



  1. Hi Nachiket,

    Well articulated. I liked your Article. I remember those days when I did my B Com from GCC (but was pretty focussed where I wanted to pursue my MBA from – Top 30 College)…And when I got in to the Management B School, I don’t remember if I have slept for more than 4-5 hrs in those 2 yrs.

    The Top B Schools focusses on holistic development. Rather than emphasising on academics, they stress on Case Studies, GD’s, Workshops, Industrial Visits et al. Overall, it must be a Rewarding Journey and I knew for sure ROI (Return on Investment) has to be there at the end of 2 yrs.

    In you Article you mentioned about:
    – Visit to IIM Ahmedabad: Post your visit you saw the seriousness in their Approach….Great..
    – Approach towards MBA – It’s a Choice and not a Compulsion….I believe today students feel that it is easy passport for faster growth and better comfort in life if they complete MBA…(funny, irrespective of College they pass out).
    – Opportunity Cost of doing MBA – Good thought….
    – Comparison – I liked the comparison of MBA with QSR….
    – Work Exp – Faculties having a Work Exp and then getting into Teaching line makes more sense as they can relate the Industry to Theoretical better way. Today that is absent which is definitely a big concern.

    Neverthless, I have removed time and read your article and given feedbacks… I am happy….Wish You all the Best for your future endeavours….

  2. Nachiket first and foremost let me tell you it is an excellently articulated piece of writing and one that is perfect reflection of what is happening now a days. I feel it applies even to all the PG courses and degree courses students too.
    As rightly said in “Rang de Basanti” movie “zindagi jeene ki do hi tarikhe hai. Ek bardash karte jao jo ho raha hai use hone do ya zimmedari uthao use badal ne ki” and i feel u rightly talk of taking control of our life and prepare for our future.
    I just hope this starts people to get thinking.

  3. A very well written article which presents reality being from similar background with a different institute i had written a article titled “MBA VS MASTERS OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION” during my 3rd sem which focussed on the same thought. Expecting students to come out of the fun and time pass attitude and being more updated with current events and happenings.
    The good point mentioned above was about discussing subject topics with faculty after class i have been doing it and trust me superb learning happens when you link ur subjects with real cases and activities whether it’s studying demand supply, USP or security analysis for that matter . . . hope existing and potential MBAs read this and realise using internet means much more than fb , whats app and youtube. . .

    • Nice article by an MBA fresher. Though it speaks only one side of the coin but magnifies a lot of issues bothering all stakeholders of education strata. Hope budding management aspirants (aka Managers) understand the crux of the same and not study but practice MBA.

  4. Nachiket,

    Your Article talks a lot of sense. I Agree, but, to a certain extent only, as your article talks from student perspective. I would tell you more about it. There are always 2 face of a coin. One side which you are talking about in this article and other side is the Marketing Team of various MBA colleges located in tier 3 cities.

    Marketing Team viz. College Management would like to make(mint) money from students without giving much to students. College Management must have a team of Faculty with Industry and/or Academic experience. These Faculty must know how to build “Analytical Skills” in students, as most industrialist complain about this gap. Subjects taught in the class should have latest industry related problem and solutions to them.

    Soft Skills are not the problem for the Employers, the minimum expectation from the employer is the student post MBA should have an intrapreneurial skills.

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