Belgaum University Dream Come true after 25 years


by Satish Kumar

The long awaited Belgaum University (Veer Rani Channama) at Bhutramatti is taking shape, though it has come after lot of struggle and not by government self initiative, and moreover I must complement KRV for taking this struggle along with ABVP to Vidhan Saudha Bangalore. It was also a collective effort besides, Mr Sanjay Patil and Mr Angadi elected representatives also put on pressure on this demand.

A meeting was convened recently by university’s special officer B.R. Ananthan ( though his name has popped up in some controversies) for new courses from current academic year itself, which is indeed a very progressive move, I always had a dream for new university would look like and made a small layout posted along, may be this would turn out to be a reality soon, but its my earnest request to state government to fulfill the following important things:

A futuristic Areal view of expected development of VRC University

1) Government should come up with a nice ergonomic Gothic architecture since this university has lot of natural beauty and surroundings of mountainous green zone.

2) Belgaum Division Education Commissionairate office should be relocated back to Belgaum form Dharwad all other division offices are in their own respective places only in case of Belgaum it was moved two years back by Mr Horrati to Dharwad. ADP, and Jt.director officer from Dharwad back to Belgaum.
Why should we accept Belgaum division office in Dharwad strictly believe that it doesn’t make any logical sense.

3) The education consortium should be formed under special officer to lease out land to other foreign universities to establish joint research programs. Since there are new engineering and management colleges coming up in this area, this can lead to creation valley of academic excellence.

4) There should be ample transportation and accessibility to university from CBT to University, Tilakwadi to University, VTU to VCU, Sulebhavi to University and also from other remote places such as Halga, and Eastern part of Belgaum.

5) VCU should include Bagalkot and Bijapur and Karwar under this university jurisdiction.

6) VCU should facilitate benches of other universities especially Marathi and Konkani language since Belgaum houses large communities of bordering people to help students of other medium schools in border area to benefit, education should be means to unite the country regions and boundaries.

7) VCU should be given lead role in establishing academic around educational development for north Karantaka.




  2. Dear Friends
    My post was to highlight what we need in terms of devlopment , KRV is an independent body and not a political system , they want to join hands for devlopemtns of Belgaum so that doesnt means it is hirting any Marathi or Anti MES , and so we do Welcome MES if they want to fight for corruption devlopment and geneue demands for Belgaum , I request user to send response on Whst further the govt can do to imprve feciliteis for youth and future of Belgaumites , We can study read write in English an official forgien lanaguage , but then Why disrespect to one of our own Indian langauage derived of Sanskrit , Wake up guys be it anybody

  3. Atlast, we heard some good news about Belgaum, Well i am really happy on indipendent university being past student of this campus. they need to mainintain good facilities like transportation, hotels, and also greenary which is most important. Till Bhootaraman hatti Maratha Mandal, BIMS, Xavier , Jain colleges we can found from Kakati onwards so governments needs to take care of this and need to work on developments like infrastrcutures, gardens, govt libraries then it will be Education SEZ. Belgaum can be number one in education system in Karnataka with VTU & VCU and KLE , Maratha Mandal etc….

    Thanks to all who made our dreams come true…

  4. very good news for belagavi. KRV has to be congratulated for taking this up and seeing to its fruition.

    However I cannot understand the reason for 6)? When neighbouring states do not care for kannadigas in their border areas why should we? I would urge everybody to see to it that even this development does not hang in balance because of MES like linguistic fanaticism.

    • Post reply 1
      Dear Bsaappa
      Let me clarify on point 6, In Kargil when bodies of Paki solders were not taken back , they were still burried with their islamic rituvals, coz We Indians maintain some human dignity even with enemies.
      It is worng on your statement that the neighbouring state do not care for Kannadiga , go and see Solhapur tday with 60% Kannada crowd,

    • Post reply 2
      there is a bench for Malyalam in Mangalore University, Tamil in Bangalore univeristy , the people in this places would have been closed minded , these places would have never come up. so cant we win our brotherns heart , a peaceful coexistance is need of the hour , lanagauge is a medium of communication equal to read other mind, and so can you connect yourself , the politicians make best use of deviding us on any single fact dont get carried away
      Jai Hind

  5. dear satish
    abvp could have done it easily but being a unit of the ruling party & pressure from some of their leaders they backed out bcoz they were told not to participate with us & they gave a statement that they are backing out bcoz krv is participating, we went with students to bangalore & built the pressure on for 10 days. sanjay pail and suresh angadi did their bit &put pressure on the government.

    • Agree KRV played a major role by going to Bangalore and get this done, well just want to compliment others since always a knee jerk pressure pushes motion ahead as well

  6. All successive govts have committed the crime of purposefully neglecting Belgaum. Not just in Education Commissioniarate issue that the relevant office is moved to Dharwad here a few more- Bescom(Blore), Cescom(Mysore) and Gescom(Gulbarga)- the power supply companies are headquartered in their respective divisional HQs but for our Belgaum division it is Hescom(Hubli); HQ of NEKRTC is Gulbarga- its division HQ but in case of NWKRTC it is Hubli while Belgaum is the divisional HQ.
    Sometimes I feel sense in making Belgaum UT.

  7. Hey satish

    Good Planning man… By the where is Boys Hostel ? 🙂

    Good move by the people of Belgaum… Keep it up.

  8. I always appreciated your pro-activeness Satish. This is another wonderful example of yours. I pray yours and our dream university comes true. Good luck to all Belgaumites.


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