Failed students of VTU get MBA degrees simple error says VTU


Calling it a “simple error” the university officials say MBA degrees were issued to students who had failed was due to a software problem.

15 students were issued MBA degrees on the VTU convocation held in January 2010 who had actually failed and all this has come out after an RTI application by U Gautham.


VTU authorities describe the gaffe as “not a serious matter” but a “simple error”.

Blaming it all on the software the VTU has asked all the 15 students in question to return the degrees, but the RTI applicant has filed an case in the police.

VTU officials say that, software failed to show “failed” status.

A letter was sent by the Registrar (Evaluation) S.A. Kori on February 8, after a gap of one month after the degrees were awarded, stated: “You are hereby informed to surrender the degree certificate to the office undersigned immediately, which was sent to you through speed post.” The letters do not mention why the candidate should surrender the certificate.

This “simple error” now raises questions in the mind of the students that if this is the state of affairs of a technological university of the state, what about other colleges and universities.

Source: The Hindu



  1. Vtu is the worst college,they don’t even know how to correct the answer paper all are stupid’s,they give wrong marks & fail them due to professors irresponsibility.pls no studients join VTU & spoil your future

  2. though it is a technical error….it can be said as a human error as well..because all the marks cards certificates had to be checked manually for cross verification…

  3. VTU as I heard during my visit to Belgaum is a university of repute.Many people were gossiping ,that it would be converted to an IIT. Now looking at the state of affairs ,as mentioned in your Blog ,VTU may suffer a serious set back for being unscruplous.


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