KRV takes on the road for varsity status


The KRV blocked the officials convoy yesterday to make their voice heard for making the Veer Rani Kittur Channama PG center at Bhutramatti into a university. KRV and others are also demanding the same as this would save the students from going to Dhrwad.


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  1. KRV proved them selves ,,,,,,,,,,, VRKCU will be a free independent university,,,,

    Sleeping ion road too wieghs a lot n sleping on railway track is left to others,,,, 🙂

    Good cause.

  2. Extremely surprised to see th comments and the context. What has MES to do with this. How is KRV construtive.

    We are all entitled to our views and ambitions within the legal framework. As long as no one crosses it pls respect all. Moreso in a bilingual setup like Belgaum.
    MES has a point of view, KRV too, both respected.. as long as no one is anti-law or anti social they are entitled to the view and cause.

    all the best to all… LET JUSTICE AND FAIR PLAY PREVAIL

  3. There is allways a dignified way to protest against such facts. I am sure the pro marathi people are keeping away form such things. they are more educated, correct mahant ? Why dont u go and sleep on the railway track and see what hapens !

    • I dont know whether you comment here with sense or not. I said previously that ” You want to change the game rules when u loose” and its true… Destructive mind can never think constructive and you are the best example for that.

      ಕೈಲಾಗದವನು ಮೈ ಎಲ್ಲಾ ಪರಚಿಕೊಂಡಂತೆ ಸರ್ವಜ್ನ್ಯ 🙂

  4. No….. Its really good to see KRV's development attitude towards the city…….
    I would really support whole-heartedly in this campaign…

    I hope the MES also takes a leaf out of this and support the development of the city…….

  5. Thanks KRV.
    MES you too start doing somethin gud to the city of Belagaum, instead of some cheap things…!!!
    God bless u

  6. A good cause indeed.

    I think one of the foremost differences between KRV and MES – constructive v/s destructive attitude.


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