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LKG admissions hanging Parents become pendant


Normally by this time all parents whose “lucky” kids have got through the LKG admission process would have had a sigh of relief. But this is not the case this year.

As usual the govt. authorities under the education department and ZP CEO Ekroop Caur defined a program and regulations for the said admission process.

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Most schools distributed the admission forms from 5th April and were supposed to put up the first list after 20 April. But the authorities decided otherwise and mentioned specific dates on which the whole process will begin and end.

The authorities declared that admission process of listing the selected candidates will begin from 15 May and end on 28 May. All this was done for the betterment and for making the admission process easy, it was said.

In reality, the scenario is completely different. School reopens on June 1, and if a child does not get selected in any school what will the parents do in 3 days as May 28 will be the last day for admissions.

Sanjay, a parent said that this year admission process is the worst. We had filled forms on the 5th and were expecting list to be out on 21st but now the list will be out only on May 15. He also asks the same question what if my child is not selected. What can I do in 3 days.

Many parents allege that this has been purposefully done so that huge donations can be collected as there would be very little time for parents.

The Right to education bill has been passed but what about Admissions first.

My personal experience speaks that, my child was not selected in any schools (5) and last had to strive hard to get her in school and all was possible as the process had begun in April itself which gave us time of a month.

A parent told this blog, why did the education dept come into the picture, all was well till they entered the frame.

This year the parents will face a tough time and all we can say is God Bless them.



  1. Everybody making one or other trick to make money. Obviously for children education the parents has to do something otherwise the year will get wasted and one more frustation to parents. Really it is very touch time. Cant they any better system so that everybody is benefited?

  2. What the education minister is doing,
    Its all game between school managment & the education dept.
    What does the Law say???

    • Instead of blaming the education system we havo correct ourselves.
      We the people have labelled these schools to so called great schools who take each and every opportunity to bankrupt the parents by demanding huge donations.
      Why we go to these schools and wait for hours to get the forms for admissions. There are so many smaller schools which are best and are of high standards.
      Anyways only the interest of student will decide his future not the scool. I have seen my friends who have studied in government schools and are doing wonders now.


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