Protest Unheard PG Centre locked out


By Satish Kumar

Veer Rani Kittur Channama  PG centre is based in Belgaum (in fact quite outside Belgaum at Bhutramatti) , where as Belgaum deserved to be having an independent university, though having largest number of colleges compared to any district in Northern Karnataka with Head Quarter of  KLE society running alone around 160 institutions and other education societies such as PEST and SKE .

Yesterday students of PG centre with support from All India Student council locked out the campus demanding it for an independent university as VCU and no Public representative or district official have even come forward to check this cause and concern or meet the students.

Belgaum was supposed to be having a University back in 1980 it self  but again the border dispute hindered  this progress and vested interest of the Hubli-Dharwad Politicians always stalled Belgaum development to maintain their clout over north Karnataka, this is always being a true fact in many other matters, Belgaum is always being on loosing ends and the recent menace being moving the education divisional office form Belgaum to Dharwad  by Basavaraj Horratti, our public representatives so called MP and MLA’s kept sleeping over such issue.

The last Vice Chancellor at PG centre has recently announced about making PG centre as independent university and supporting all viable conditions that can be met over, has unfortunately gone off records so far, except Mr. Prakash Hukkeri no one came forward in supporting this cause then. I had sent blue print for Belgaum to CM, which also include the design and developmental aspect of Veer Rani Channama University to be based in Belgaum, it was forwarded to the concerned department no action initiated yet. I believe the present education Minister Mr. Arvind Limbavli belongs to North Karnataka, in the recent years Tumkur, Davengere Shimoga and Bellary got Universities and also central university at Gulbarga and open university at Mysore , though  the number of collages and educational establishment reach the number of institutions in Belgaum alone. So the question arises is what right does the State Mystery of education has got to deprive Belgaum having an independent university? During Kumarswamy’s CM’s tenure Mahima Patel (Son of former Cm J H Patel) was representative of Karnataka in New Delhi and had got proposals from American university to be established in Belgaum it never metalized further.

I have listed few demands which students want and I fully endorse their views:

VCU as an independent University should begin its operation form this academic year.

Transfer back the Education divisional office back to Belgaum

Better transport facility to VCU from different parts of City not hopping from CBT.

Recreation centre and other facility with new Administrative building with ergonomic architecture not shabby structure available there.

New educational study zone for future IIM and IIT can be based already many colleges have sprawled in this area , I believe this vision goes live if the voices of Belgaumites goes high and get heard.


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  1. all educational institute, stidents , professors and even the politican should come front and resolve the issue. now it is high time everybody comes promises new thing bit does not happen. So every belgaum people should keep away the issue of border and have to get the demands as listed above, since belgaum is know for good quality education. I think the backbone of Belgaum is quality of education it provides.

  2. Good Article Gentleman…..

    VRKCU is working since from so many years , but I don’t know whats the problem with government to not developing it. Most of the students leave Belagaavi n travel to cities like Dharawad n Bengalooru for perusing there PG , I asked some candidates whats the reason n they said they don’t have a proper university here in Belagaavi n if at all VRKCU is there its not of use as its not a independent university.
    Most of us know that there are several MLA’s n MP’s from North Karnataka, n We can listen some politicians rising their word towards the state/central Govt too, but most of those are like non-Belagaavi (Like Kharge-Dharmasing etc) politicians, I’m not understanding what the hell my district politicians are doing, why r they so much inactive with Belagaavi n Its Development. They can come out and compromise the issues like flag hoisting on Palika, But they r not interested in Development. ….
    LAZY BUGS……………

  3. Satish this is the state belgaum is in … everyone knows it … the drive for development is dying …. we need political support for such issues … which we are not getting …

  4. all the governments are using belgaum for political gain …. whenever there is any boarder issue creeping up … they announce some small projects (which never get implemented) and gain votes and forget it until next election …. BJP govt. only boost but no work … they lack the will power to develop belgaum… the only govt was kumaraswamy's govt which had the will to develop belgaum … forget the congress …. its only because of them that belgaum is in such a state …. then from whom can we expect development …


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