Rani Chennamma University starts


The PG center of the Karnataka university at Bhutramatti after 28 years of its inception has become Rani Chennamma University and Prof B.R. Ananthan assumed charge as the first vice-chancellor of the new university.

B.R. Ananthan, VC

The new university, in effect, will take away colleges and PG centres in Belgaum, Bijapur and Bagalkot districts that were hitherto under the purview of Karnatak University. In all, 296 colleges will come under the new university.


Addressing presspersons here on Thursday, B.R. Ananthan sought Rs.65 crores for the development of the university. MBA course was being offered along with the Institute of Management Education and Research, Belgaum.

Now Belgaum has two universities, VTU and now the RCU. The starting of another university should help boom Belgaum to be a educational hub.
The mention of KLE university was done and we regret the same, but KLE university is a Deemed university.



  1. hi this is shilpa wanna join in rani chennamma university. i wanna know the sellyabus so please give informaton

  2. its great news , that belgaum has its own univercity. wanna a join i am in confusion that whether RCU sellyabus will be similar with KUD or not ? please give information about this on line……………..waitin…………………………………………

  3. Well We wont be able to help u on this ask RCU. and there is no website for RCU as yet we believe

  4. RCUUUUUUU………..

    BCA ROCKERS ilkal

  5. RCUUUUUUU………..


    • Dear Vishwanthji, At the outset let me greet Belbaumites to have R CU . "DER SAHEE DURUST AAYE" Belgaum deserved University in as early as 1948 Instead of Belgaum Dharwad was selected by the then Bombay province C M Late Shree B G Kher.At that time Three Universities were formed in the earstwhile Bombay Province ( States were caiied after we adopted our Constitution & when we became A Republic.In gujarat region Ahemadabad ,in marathi region –Poona, & in Kannada region Dhrwar though Belgaum had more Colleges & H Offices of prestigious Edu Societies eg KLES< K LS< SKES Islamiya EDu Societies. Belgaum had the distinction of having the only Law College in the entire South India .Therefore many Many justices & CJS of S C of India studied here. Similarly S T college There was no commerce , law, teachers' Training Colleges in Dhrwarthen But due to political reasons known to all sane people not only University was denied but also the A I R Station.Belgaum in the yester years ,To-day & in future will remain in the forefront in Socio-Cultural & educational fields. Belgaum is welknown for Foundries, Furnichers, Truck Body building (Auto Sector) .So congrats Belgaumites & Vishwanathji .

  6. Its all about to time that will take in new direction to reach new heights of the success in near future of the RCU Belagavi…………………. just wait and watch……. what you expect …………………..

  7. rani channamma university is good but at least you inform any information 15 days .before just like exam time table.

  8. sir, im one of the faculty for law college dealing with HISTORY subject for B.A.III sem, d syllabus is weird n complcated dat v dont have clear idea abu what to teach. v along students have faced too many problenms

  9. comparing to kud university rani channamma university it is too bad and too slow this is to much

  10. why this much of changes in first year exam time table………..and you are giving ads in news papers or in any other media ……….Even colleges staff not getting this,.,,,..>>>>>>>>its needed to inform abt the time table immediatly……….keep rocking……

    • plz conduct 1st sem exam with 2nd sem , because totally u will take since from 4 months .

  11. we are lucky becoz RCB is our district side we are very happy sir i request you plz send BA exam date

  12. New university…! Sounds good.. Can you people give us one fixed time table of exams..Yeah, you’ve given one but it sucks..i dare say results may come bit down.

  13. Good to know but this university didnt even hve website… what the heaven they are going to manage…just killing the student life…….

  14. I am a student of GSS collage and I come under RCU. This will not affect my carrier because it is a new university

  15. May i know what is the university logo ? i had submitted 2 logo's in august rather for a competition & the results were supposed to be declared,,

  16. hallo sir,
    as ur new university notification of Board of Studies of BBA stream, u have appointed a guest lecturer as a member of BOS. Is it right creteria?

  17. I know Prof.B.R.Ananthan since 1971 when he started his career as a lecturer in Commerce in PG centre of Mysore University at Mangalore.My association with him is about 40 years.He is a very good academician and has vast experience in administration.A man of hard work and sincerity.

    • Dear sir, we need a man who think future n support the student.. not their personal history…. Any Idea of introducing new courses which can help student in computing world??? sorry first tell u friend to work on University website….

  18. Its a great move,,,, Good to know about all such developments and the credit must go to KRV …

    How did we change ?
    Belgaum had only 4 engineering colleges in 2002 and few other degree colleges and a KLE's Medical college , But today we have

    10 Engineering colleges
    10 MBA colleges
    2 medical colleges
    2/3 Dental colleges
    10+ Diploma colleges
    Number of Law schools and the count goes on….

    And now we have three universities,,, Cool

    Its the only city in Karnataka next to Bangalore to have so many educational institutions… THE NEXT CAPITAL CITY…. 🙂

  19. u r wrong belgaum has totally 3 university 1.vtu 2.rcu 3. kle but specified only 2 universities.

    • The mention of KLE university was done and we regret the same, but KLE university is a Deemed university where as VTU and RCU are formed by the government

  20. This is Amazing News! Thank God, atlast the Bhutramhatti University is Back with a new name. Another crown added to Belgaum city…

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