Was your child lucky to get into LKG


Today May 15, all schools were bustling with activity since early morning. Each parent was very anxious to know whether his child has been lucky enough to get admission for LKG in school.

Normally all this activity is over by April but this year the Education department had made a new order and issued a timetable in which all schools will do the admission process.


Many of the parents were happy to see their form number on the board and had a sigh of relief as their child had got admission.

There were others as well how could manage to get admission into 4 schools they had filled in forms. One parent told the blog, “I had filled forms in 4 schools but my child number is not there in even one. What do I do now he asked in anxiety.”

Parents who have not been able to secure admissions now they will face a grim task of getting admissions in other schools as the time gap is very less, as schools will start in 15 days.

Many parents allege that new admission procedure has been purposefully done so that huge donations can be collected as there would be very little time for parents.

The Right to education bill has been passed but what about Admissions first.

My personal experience speaks that, my child was not selected in any schools (5) and last had to strive hard to get her in school and all was possible as the process had begun in April itself which gave us time of a month.

This year the parents will face a tough time and all we can say is God Bless them.

Also see the previous year’s post which will help you understand the process much better.

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  1. There will be no change in the education system, year after year its the same old story. Parents are ready to shed lots of money just to get their sons/daughters admitted to a better school. So here comes donations this means sons & daughters of rich parents have all the rights to get a class education. Schools believed to be imparting moral values to kids have their foundation laid on such unethical procedures of admission. Who is to be blamed? Parents? School Authorities? Education system? There needs to be a serious thought given to this issue before its too late.


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