Emerging trend of IGCSE Schools in Belagavi

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The city of Belagavi has been an epicenter of education for many decades. It has witnessed the evolution of the school education system from State Board schools to CBSE and ICSE and now IGCSE Schools.

During the last 2 years, there has been a significant demand for admission to IGCSE [Cambridge] Schools in Belagavi. The reason why parents are preferring IGCSE is that the IGCSE curriculum focuses on skill development and creative thinking. The IGCSE is also one of the most recognized qualifications around the world.

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IGCSE helps to build practical skills such as analytical, communication, and cognitive skills in students. This is on top of critical thinking, problem-solving ability, and personality development.

There are no science, arts, or commerce streams as IGCSE offers learners a plethora of subjects. Learners get a free hand to choose the subject and selection of subjects is done in grade 9th itself and a child can change the subject at any level.

The Social Science in IGCSE is designed with a skill set where schools can design their own syllabus, not like other boards where a child is forced to study irrelevant parts of History even.

Parents should be aware that at present there are only a few IGCSE schools in Belagavi city like Jain Heritage School having IGCSE for the last two years Upto grade 10th and one may be another recently opened school.

If parents want to search for a Cambridge school in Belagavi they can search with the following link

Dr Manjeet Jain
Dr Manjeet Jain

The author Dr Manjeet Jain is the Principal – Jain Heritage School

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