Empty chairs in SVS during discussion on North Karnataka


With less than 40 legislators present in the house in the morning when the discussion of issues relating to North Karnataka were to be taken up irked the Speaker.svs empty

The principal intention of holding legislature session in the border district of Belagavi is to focus on North Karnataka issues, but it was to empty chairs the debate was just a farce it seemed.


MLAs and Ministers abstaining from the session angered Speaker Kagodu Thimmappa, who asked, “What work do Ministers have apart from attending the session here? Why do they take the session so lightly? Do MLAs and Minister have to be even told that their job is to attend the session?”

Source: The Hindu



  1. Just shows how much MLA’s of the state our interested in the Development of North Karnataka. No wonder sooner or later the state shall be divided.

  2. MLA’s salaries & other benefits to be linked to their attendance in assembly. Further #media should start highlighting score card of each MLA on regular basis. So that people should know, how their representative is performing & presenting their constituencies.

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