Farmer is being killed for development


We want new industries, development and at the same time we want our economies back bone the “Farmer” to live a poverty ridden life all his life and now is being left landless after the various land acquisitions notices they got in the past month.

Fertile farm land was ordered to be acquired for the Machhe- Halga bypass part of the Hyderabad -Panjim national highway. More than 500 complaints were received from farmers from Mache, Peeranwadi, Vadgaon, Angol and Khanapur areas.


Yesterday farmers from Peeranwadi, Hunchanhatti, Balmatti, Kattalwadi were shcoked to receive notices of their land acquisition by KIADB. Around 1200 acres of land will acquired by KIADB as per the notices received.

The farmers protest but no one hears them. Today also the farmers from Peeranwadi and other areas plan to meet and protest the against the govt. for acquiring their farm land.

“Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy” , this sentence would be history and farmer without farm land will not have his own backbone standing straight.

This question of land acquisition of farm land will and always come up and the poor farmer gets stuck. Several promises are made to the farmers but how many of them are kept is unknown.

If we need to progress, have industries we will have to acquire land, there is no option, but why cant the govt. think of acquiring barren land first and develop that.

If we have factories on all farm land what will we eat, what a country needs is a sustainable food production and availability of food. Can factories produce rice, wheat or can we eat steel for dinner and cement for break fast.



  1. one has to sacrifice for development, in the name of farmers and farm land who is getting the real benift think on it. What have the farmers done all these years, they get free electricity,free water ( ie depdnt on rain) what have they developed nothing but fiting among them selves earlier the farm land used to be 10 acres an now hardly left is few guntas of each. Sell and enjoy dont wann a work and they want to grow and become rich withot working how is that possible. In the name of democracy all go and shout and fite and do nothin and evry faremr wann be a leader. This is all bull shit shout have slogans extract more mony its a business ffor the leaders and not the real farmer.
    If companies around, at least there childrn will get employment, locals can get business , the land value surrounding will get higer scope for so many people .

    My friends Japan is having no land but how have they grown so big think on it.

  2. This is a shameful act,which has to be avoided. India is a agricultural economy based country, then why is this atrocities against the sons of the soil. Industries are welcomed,but at what cost???

  3. Part 2 – Sugar recently was being sold at Rs 40/45, did the farmer who supplied the sugarcane to the various mills got Rs 3000/ton for his produce, no never where as his due money is paid to him in instalments & the rate for sugarcane is very far away from the price of sugar. Let the sugar mills make a reasonable profit but it can’t be that you poor farmer you will be poor all the time. Basically the economy to perform well one has to ensure that a very reasonable profit is made at every stage & corporate houses bear this responsibility, though one cannot deny the fact that it is driven by competition but at the same time there has to be a fairness. As rightly said the barren land should be used for industrialisation. Every Belgaumite will welcome industries at Belgaum but at the same time the fertile land should be saved. We need to beware of certain hidden agendas & generate awareness about this.
    Girthi huwi deewar ka haamdard hu laykeen chadathe huway suraj ki numayeesh nahi karta, shola hu bhadhaknay khi gujarish nahi kartha sach mooh shay nikal jaata hai khoshish nahi kartha !!

  4. Part 1 – Well there needs to be a balance act. No doubt that the farmers have been the backbone of our economy & hence their interests are to be protected always. Well the industrial area at Honga & Kanbargi is under developed, the whole land is not being used properly then why this new acquisition by KIADB. Industrialisation has to have a human face as well.

  5. In the 63 years India is a free nation,farmers who are the backbone of India, have not got the credit they truly deserve, neglecting this community will be detrimental to human civilization.
    India would do well to plan an Agriculture policy taking into account,
    1] Proper Aid/assistance to farmers in terms of seeds+fertilizers+technical knowledge derived from the advancement in Science.
    2] Proper price for their produce.
    3] Electricity during the day,not during night .[when the world does not need it / accusing them of using free /subsidised power-wherein they are paying for power which is not used by anyone ]
    4] Policy for Urbanisation+Industrialisation – need for land,
    5] Infrastructure for storage / dehydration / transport / selling of farm produce.

    In short doing justice to being educated, sophisticated and cultured which we suppose we urbanites are and which supposedly farmers are not!!!

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