Final touches to Smart city proposal


The deadline for the Draft proposal for the Smart cities challenge is in its last stage. More than 1,02,890 suggestions were received by the city corporation which, Drawshaw the company preparing the Draft will try and include these suggestions.
Now is the herculean task of getting all those suggestions into a proposal and will have to be submitted.

smart-city belgaum belagaviThe smart city proposal has a area based development proposal of about 600 acres each in north and south of the city which includes works such as roads, UG cabling, sewage treatment, gardens, drinking water etc.

Also under the area based developemnt new markets are planned to be developed in Ramteerth nagar, Mahanetsh Nagar, Dharmanath Bhavan, fort Road, Kala Mandir. Developing these markets will help in reducing the traffic in the main market areas, the Drawshaw representative said.

The smart city proposal will have two main aspects Pan city development plan and area based development plan. Pan city plan will basically include better public transport and egovernance.


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  1. the road from goaves to piranwadi was 120 feet(as planned). But it is reduced to 110 feet. The remaining 10 feet, 5feet on either sides should be planted with neelgiri trees
    they grow up at faster rate and even provide much more shade
    and even occupies less area

  2. ->Dustbin boxes should be kept at roadside on footpaths where there is public place.
    ->Speed limit should be kept on road and is maintained by police by placing cameras and sensors.
    ->The old vehicle which cause pollution should be banned in city area.
    ->Good quality roads and signs on road like zebra crossing, parking of vehicles, and turns of road etc should be there.
    ->Cc tv cameras should be provided at every place to safeguard of city by robberies, ladies protection etc

  3. Smart City proposal for Belgaum

    1) Ring Roads – this will reduce traffic in city.
    2) Double Road from 3rd gate to Piranwadi – this will reduce accidents & deaths.
    3) Road widening whereever necessary in old city.
    4) Good Drainage system in city which can sustain heavy rains & avoid flooding.
    5) 24/7 drinking water to entire city.
    6) Rain water harvesting compulsory in all big houses, apartments, colleges, schools, etc.
    7) Planting trees.
    8) Allocate land to new industries & IT/ITES sector only on the outskirts of city to avoid traffic issues like Bengaluru.
    9) Clean Nalas.
    10) Solid waste management system including recycling.
    11) Encourage Solar energy.
    12) Flyovers.
    13) Parks and gardens in every 2-3 km radius.
    14) Quality roads which last longer and which can drain water.
    15) Develop Lakes in all parts of belgaum which will act as natural rain water harvesting and increases ground water.

  4. The govt should speed up the construction of new bus stand for the city, as Anand mentioned Cleanliness, hygiene, good toilets and parking space should be provided.
    Frankly I feel on one hand free WiFi hot-spots, hi-tech bus sheds all sound good but in reality i feel waste management, transportation-roads and basic amenities should be the priority.
    lastly i would like to wrap up by saying that not all bad is happening in our city, the excellent laser show, night bazaar at fort lake are some good examples to name a few. the lake stands clean and stunning in the evening and is a delight to watch at the entrance of the city.

  5. First woukd like to ask the question ? Wat do you mean by smart city? Smart city means same like smart phone , compare to old Cell phone Like old was with limited features key paid ,, etc First v should Hve a list That Wat comes in smart city , Indrastucture , connectivity , development of industries Like food park Coz belagavi has good agriculture land surrounding city N most sanitation , water , gas ,pipe line electricity Develop of tourist place as belgavi has more than 50 places surrounding city Wic can b developed so that tourism industries can Kup up Devlooment in industries area n infrastructure for industries as belgavi is major suppliers of components n parts to automile Industries Like wise Sweets industries , Shahapuri saree Etc N develop extension areas like market malls bus stands airport conectivities bit vin metros n smart cities n nearly Bytourist places inter connectivity by train make double track Etc

  6. Cleanliness and pollution is the major problem which any city is facing today, there are many areas where there is nobody for picking garbage comming out from houses of people. which results in making area dirty. which leads to many dieses like dengue, cholera etc.
    Many vehicles are emitting harmful gasses including vehicles of government officials which leads to heavy pollution and making environment unsafe for living. moreover outside government offices they are burning garbage which leads to pollution. If government officials will harm the environment how can we aspect from common people.


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