First Miniature airport at Belagavi


Belagavi is set to host India’s first miniature airport on the lines of Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany, mentions the TOI.

Miniatur Wunderland is a model railway and miniature airport attraction in Hamburg, Germany, and the largest of its kind in the world. The railway is located in the historic Speicherstadt district of the city.


ToI quotes Shashidhar Kurer MD of Belagavi Smart city ltd, “ The decision on a miniature airport was taken a fortnight ago. The deputy commissioner will head the planning committee, which will have a member from the Indian Air Force”.

The estimated project cost is Rs. 6 crore and would be implemented under the smart city project.

“The miniature airport will showcase all operations – check-in, boarding, takeoff, landing, and parking of aircraft. Children can learn about the functioning of the airports. Aviation enthusiasts will enjoy this experience as the Belagavi facility will also have a runway,” TOI mentions.

miniature aiport
Representational pic

The land near Vaccine Depot has been tentatively identified land near Vaccine Depot Grounds in the city for the project. “Apart from the commercial airport model, the facility will also host miniatures of combat aircraft like MiG fighter jets and Sukhois used by the IAF. This will help students as it will have specific details of the aircraft,” Kurer said. Art gallery too “We are also planning an art gallery at a cost of Rs 12 crore to display India’s village culture,” the official said.

In the month of October, we had posted Aviation and Space Science Gallery envisaged in Belagavi.

The location was then the un utilized Glasshouse and the open area ahead of it.

Nitin Desai will build state of the art Aviation and Art museum at Vaccine Depot, Abhay Patil MLA South had envisaged this idea of an Aviation museum in town under the smart city project.
He then contacted Nitin Desai who has a special love for Belagavi. Desai has readily agreed and visited the spot at Vaccine Depot the Glasshouse and its surroundings where the Aviation museum and Art museum will be made.

Desai categorically said that none of the trees will be cut and all trees will be used in such a way that they become a part of the project itself.

The Aviation museum will be built in the vacant glasshouse in Vaccine Depot and the art museum will be built next to it on the open ground and both will be interconnected as one museum.

Aviation Museum will have both static installations which will tell the story of Aviation along with state of the art digital installations which will be interactive. So one will not require a guide but the digital installations will have aids that will give information about the installation.

The Art Museum will also have digital installations that will be interactive and these can be updated as and when required. Also, there would be a space for local artists to showcase their art and also give demos of paintings or sculpting, etc.



  1. It’s very sad to see such plans coming up when the basic requirements of a ‘smart city’ are not met. There are too many problems pre-existing.
    6 crores is a huge amount which can be used to beautify this lovely city by managing the problems.
    As mentioned in the article about children getting exposure about airport’s working, I feel there are other things that children actually need to be exposed to.

  2. Requirement of belgaum is not for miniature airport and not useful for belgaumits we need good road, transport, toilets for all public areas. Parking, road assistance boards, signages and good looking sign boards. Clean markets. Garbage management and Segration,waste to energy conversation and revenue generation by this , park developments in all areas, 24 hours water needs of city. So better to utilise this 6CR for this type of smart works .
    By minature airport how you will make smart city.

  3. Rs 6 Cr for a miniature airport ? and how does this make the city smart. Why not spend the money
    1. To create an app for all city buses with live tracking, that may increase city smartness
    2. Smart parking with live tracking of spaces available.
    3. Smart tracking of all applications for water, electricity etc
    4. Smart tracking of air pollution , weather.
    We need smart , energetic people to head smart cities who have their ears on the ground and eyes set on future.

    • Totally agree with mr sagar, Dear MP and MLA of Belgaum please give imphasis on improving basic infrastructure and employment opportunities in Belgaum instead of these kind of less important projects.

  4. Let Belagavi had good roads in all localities first.Dont squander away tax payers money in non essentials.

  5. Tax money is public (our hard earned), paying the government their wages if we don’t pay tax you won’t shelter or food. And look what a waste they do. Height of immaturity. Arz kiya hai —-> Bewakufo Ki Kami Nahi Hai Galib Ek Dundo To Hazar Mil Jate Hai. Aur Ek se ek maha Bewakuf mil jayenge yahi pe

  6. Please broaden the existing road from Sambra Airport to the city, the current road is too narrow & has high traffic…please plan better parking and traffic lights near KLE

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