Four Tigers found dead in Sattari Forest Goa



The carcass of the four-year-old tigress and three cubs were noticed in Golavali village, deep inside the Mahadei Wildlife Sanctuary located at the lower reaches of the Western Ghats along Goa’s border with Karnataka.


With decomposition having already set in, forest officials believed that the tiger had died a week earlier.

The first tiger carcass — 70 percent of the body decomposed, and with all its nails missing — was found on Sunday morning.

A tigress and its three cubs were poisoned by farmers in Mahadei Wildlife Sanctuary for killing their cattle, confirmed forest officials. Three farmers have been arrested under the Wildlife Protection Act.

Though forest officials said the tigers were most probably killed after feeding on a poisoned buffalo, postmortem carried out on three of the tiger carcasses have shown no evidence of death due to poisoning.

File Tiger Trap image


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