From Delhi to galli Democracy at its worst


Secnes seen today at the City corporation show that may it be Delhi or Galli elected representatives behavior is the same.

At the Mayor’s election today after 6 nominations were rejected of the opposition Ruling party it was but final that Nirwani will be the Mayor. During all this huhalla in the hall the opposition came in to the well and tried to break the newly created bamboo barricade. All six nominations rejected on technical grounds of wrong address & incomplete form.

The newly elected mayor Nirwani was seen he himself going and getting seated on the mayors chair. There are Pattewalas and others who have to escort the newly elected Mayor to the chair but that did not happen and the Mr.Nirwani himself occupied the chair which also degrades the overall election procedure.

Once this happened the opposition members were fumed and could not control their anger and threw their footwear at the mayors chair. This was disgraceful to democracy but how can we blame them, they also follow what they see in Delhi and do it in “Galli”(locally).

The police arrangement for today was very very tight and special arrangements were made sighting trouble by the opposition. Some said that all this was a part of a pre cooked Biryani with the help of elected representatives who lately are taking more active part in the corporations affairs.

Here you might be a Kannadiga who will hail their victory or a pro Marathi but what is shameful is how these people act in the house.

In all the pre cooked Biryani was well cooked and served well with Mr.Nirwani.

All the best Mr.Nirwani hope there is some development of the city.


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  1. Some development? How it cab be? sir, when these Gundas are opposing like this they did before also from so many years our bgm city is facing these gundas opposition and not getting any development. in our country one big problem is our opposition parties dose not know the role of opposition. actually they should oppose for corruption, lack of developments,& etc etc. but what they do is all shit, they always oppose oppose and oppose either it is good or bad, and moreover on that our Media's Really great salutations to them some are with ruling parties and some are with opposition's and they all directing our innocent citizens towards negativity after reading them people also behave wrongly and fight with their neighbors,friends & colleagues so how our city, state or country could see developments. I think never will get a good city. Right MR.Uday.


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