Gandhi Remembered


“Only my death can prevent me from attending the session in Belgaum.”

Some people had told Gandhiji not to attend the Belgaum session in 1924. But Gangadhar rao Deshpande wanted Gandhiji to attend the session to give a new fillip to the freedom movement in the region and wrote a letter to him and reply to this Gandhiji send the above reply.

A Live person as Gandhi at Khadi Bhavan on Kirloskar Road

The father of the nation was also remembered officially by the government and functions were held at DC office and Hindlaga jail.


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  1. Dear Rajendra,

    Gandhiji visited belgaum during these years 1916,1920,1924,1927,1934,1937 for different events such as Bombay state conference, congress session, harijan tour, gandhi seva sammelan etc.

    You can find Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhiji at the following URL

    The source for my statement is CWMG volume number 15, page number 219.
    This volume states that the source is Majhi Jivan Katha which is the autobiography of Gangadharrao Deshpande.

    The conference held at Belgaum 1916 was "Bombay Provincial Conference"
    In 1924, 39th congress session was held at Belgaum. Both of these are different events.

    More details can be found in biography "Gangadharrao Deshpande- Builders of Modern India" written by R.S. Narayan published by Publications Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, New Delhi.

    I think I have provided enough details. if you want some more details send me an email at [email protected]

  2. Gandhiji's reply was not related to 1924 session.
    It was related to the conference held at Belgaum in 1916.
    The letter was written before April 29, 1916

    Source: Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhiji

    • I dont think a conference was held at Belgaum in 1916. It was held in 1924. But the letter date may be right. Are the collected works available on the Internet. If yes, can you give us the specific url/pointers to this letter. If not available on the Internet, can we specific details like which Volume and page number where the letter is found?

  3. Let the Belgaum District Administration or City Corporation or some NGO should arrange for some sort of Show or documentary at Veer Soudha on week ends atleast during October, January, August months TO FILL MORE DESHA BHAKTI.
    What's yr opinion Uday Sir!

  4. Mahatma Gandhiji visited HUDALI village Belgaum taluka. He stayed for 7 Days In Hudli. There you can find His memory Hall named as " Gandhi Ghar" is very good place to visit.


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