Gandhinagar Tense after clashes


The entire area of Gandhinagar was tensed and police had to resort to 5 rounds of firing in the air and also used 8 shells of tear gas to disperse the crowd. The clashes occurred between two communities and the exact reason for the clashes is unclear.gandhinagar belagavi tense

It all began in Gandhinagar after 10.30 PM and the crowd pelted stones on the NH4 near Shankam hotel and also set ablaze a police vehicle.

About 25 vehicles have been damaged and 20 persons injured. Sources say the clashes erupted after there was some argument during a cricket match played in the morning.

The situation is now under control and heavy police deployment is currently there.


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  1. ये पेड़, ये पत्ते, ये शाखें भी परेशान हो जाएं !
    अगर परिंदे भी हिन्दू और मुस्लमान हो जाएं….

    सूखे मेवे भी ये देख कर हैरान हो गए..,
    न जाने कब नारियल हिन्दू और खजूर मुसलमान हो गए……

    न मस्जिद को जानते हैं , न शिवालों को जानते हैं
    जो भूखे पेट होते हैं,वो सिर्फ निवालों को जानते हैं.

    मेरा यही अंदाज ज़माने को खलता है.
    की मेरा चिराग हवा के खिलाफ क्यों जलता है……

    मैं अमन पसंद हूँ ,मेरे शहर में दंगा रहने दो…
    लाल और हरे में मत बांटो ,मेरी छत पर तिरंगा रहने दो….


    Ye ped, ye patte, ye shakhein bhi pareshan ho jayein,
    agar parinde bhi hindu aur musalmaan ho jayein…

    sookhe meve bhi ye dekh kar hairain ho gaye,
    na jane kab nariyal hindu aur khajoor musalmaan ho gaye..

    na masjid ko jaante hain, na shivaalon ko jaante hain,
    jo bhookhe paet hote hain, wo sirf niwaalon ko jaante hain..

    mera yahi andaz zamaane ko khalta hai,
    ki mera chirag hawa ke khilaaf kyu jalta hai…

    main aman pasand hoon, mere shehar mein dangaa rehne do,

    Mujhe laal aur hare mein mat baanto, meri chhat par tiranga rehne do…

  2. This happens because of Bad character people and unfortunately they falls in 1 of the religions and at the end of the day the Religion is blamed by some fools, i have friends of all religions across all the states in India , i have stayed with my Hindu Friends for 4 years in a single room we still love each others company , and have played cricket, football, throughout from my school days till now with everybody but didnt met this kind of situations or clashes , it happens only because of the behaviour and character of people involved while playing…
    So my request to you is dont spread any Rumour and dont get heatup by listening any such comments …
    people who have done have already escaped to other cities for whome police is searching and we are troubling ourselves ..
    When there is a need of blood does anyone looks if its of a Muslim or a Hindu or Christian ?? they just inject regardless of religion then why people shows double standards here while blaming each other Religions..

    Dear belgaumites just pray that it should get cool and shouldnt occur in futrue…

  3. All religions preach peace and harmony.
    Don’t fight in the name of religion.
    Don’t support such events.
    Let us stay peacefully and enjoy our life , at the end of life we have to face God.

  4. Guys, Everyone is responsible for this situation, regardless he or she are from any background, we are in 21 century and still we are fighting in the name of religion, most of us being from educated background rather than advising our family, friends and neighbours not to be part of riots we are believing in the rumours and taking part… its just sickening.
    I have played Cricket for almost my life with my friends from all religion and caste but never in my dream I thought that this game can create a conflict between two religion. Its a real shame. Time for all the Belgaumites to grow up and show some compassion.
    Being together you can live with harmony and peace. If you start fighting over such a pity issue then GOD SAVE BELGAUM.

  5. First thing i tell to people. Belgaum people are very selfish they have no common sense.. let me explane in hindi. Logo me ekta nahi he.. hindu maharatha muslim sirf ghade bus iske siva feature me kuch nai karnge..ab driving ke bare me bata ta hun. Single riad pe jub traffic jam hoaage wale ko rasta chodna chahiye take wo pass ho sake. Yaha to sare log face to face blocking karde te he.. kisi ko b side nai de bus apne bare me hi sochte he Thodi sa space mila nahi wahi ghusa do gaddi apni. aur parking ki ghaja to mat pucho clean se gaddi b park nai karsakte log.. kya sudhre ga belgaum kya pata aare choti choti baton pe dhan do. Tabhi belgaum best hoga. Common sense ko samjho.

  6. Tejaswini and Neha please grow up. You don’t create a devide. We are Indians and respect all religions. This is a dispute between 2 teams .NO RELIGION ATTACHED.

    • Bro, if we think like you then there would not be a single communal clashes there will only be peace , all these are done by some loafers who infact will escape to some other cities and the other common people now are suffering because of them. GUYS we are indians we need to unite and stay together ….but some fools will comment unlogically based on their mindset and their circles influence …

      Everybody wants to stay PEACEFULLY, EaRN More and Enjoy, thats what it is …no body wants these type of BAD atmoshere in society

  7. Why do you plays game both communities togather?

    Hindus should play with hindus. & Muslims should play with muslims..

    Condition & situation of city doesn’t allow to play friendly cricket match between two communities..


  8. Why do you plays game both communities togather?

    Hindus should play with hindus. & Muslims should play with muslims..

    Condition & situation of city doesn’t allow to play friendly cricket match between two communities..


  9. I request all people of Belgaum irrespective of any religion/caste, kindly be aware of any rumors spread in the name of Religion. 90% of the incidences happen due to “RUMORS”. Something happens in a place & it reaches with a different face till it reaches end.
    If we receive any saying from any person saying ‘Such incidence happen there & that happen’.
    Do review his saying carefully & be sure the same thing happen there by knowing the exact fact.
    Dont just be emotional & spread the News in such a way that it creates panic & disturbances in the City life.
    People think they are doing a good thing by spreading such rumors but they don’t realize at the end its the innocent people who suffer & the culprits escape.
    So PLEASE PLEASE take care of such things & dont give the colour of “RELIGION” for any such issues.

    “O you who believe! If a rebellious evil person comes to you with a news, verify it, lest you harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful to what you have done” (Holy Quran 49:6)

    • You are right.. . World wide fight n killing in the name of religion n its called RELIGION OF PEACE, I call it religion of making piece piece ….

      • Dear Belgaum Maratha & Shailesh,
        Brothers a killer and criminal in Islam is as bad as killer criminal in any other religion, religion and nations are made of people, so lets put human first and lets be a good human.
        together we will make Belgavi/Belgaum a better place.

        • till when ll b Belgaum better place? Who guarantees 2morrow there ll b no bomb blast in our own city…. do u know What the terrorists hav done to the religion.
          We dnt need any advice ,better advice for a person who needs advice to make this world a better place.
          Dnt take my words in other way, we are peace loving people that’s why India is the only secular country . .

          • Dear Shailesh,

            Dont link this to any religion for example now ur pointing Muslim religion, ill ask u 1 question please answer ethically, if a “Shailesh” at Australia kills a person in Australia, then do we need to point and punish each n every Person of World whose name is Shailesh or only person who has killed who stays in Australia…

            If u answer correctly then ull come to know there is no religion involvement in any such clashes and not a single religion in this World teaches to do this kind of Acts…
            Every religion teaches to leave PEACEFULLY…..

    • Brother, if you consider the acts as part of any religion then you need to go back to your basics about humanity and also your interest in putting a statement down by a fellow Indian supporting Humanity shows a lot about you 🙂
      Because No Religion tells to fight its some culprits and criminal people unfortunately belonging to such religion are spoiling the names, do u think all other religion people have not done a small mistake till now ?? do u mean by that then please you have to grow up a lot ….to improve your mentality and as well as try to become a good human…
      If any Hindu or Marathi or Muslim Person does any Bad evil then do the government punish the person or the entire religion ?? please answer accordingly using your education(if ur educated) ,humanity,religion teachings….
      DONT KEEP ON BLAMING RELIGION BECAUSE OF SOME CULPRITS.instead u can ask who did lets punish them 🙂

      • I don’t know abt Australian Shailesh. … But I am a Indian Shailesh who is tolerant that’s why Even Mohammed Naveed has the right of xpression, IN 10 8 will do violence and 2 will come to advice, the questions for your answer is plz advice 8 out of 10 n I will be thankful to you , I hope you are in 2 out of 10

    • Dear Belgaum Maratha, How did you come to the conclusion that the people belonging to the Religion of peace have started it. May be the other religion people are equally responsible for it or they were the one to provoke other people first.

  10. Was it India-Pakistan match at Gandhinagar.Cricket or any game is meant to be a friendly gesture how it can lead to riots? Culprits must be punished.


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