Gemini Circus from Sept 11


The fast dying Circus with its acrobats, clowns and animals of course will be performing in Belagavi from the next week onCpEd Ground, Club road.

Venue: CpEd Ground, Club Road
Shows: 1pm, 4pm, 7 pm

gemini circus
Gemini Circus is in town and will perform at Club road with three shows daily 1, 4 & 7pm.
In 2014 Rambo Circus was here and Gemini Circus was here in 2011.
The sight of a circus is quite rare and Belagavi is seeing the circus pandal after atleast 5-6 years or may be even more.
The business of circus is not as it was once upon a time and now this is more of a dying art. With very few animals being used the glamor to the circus is no more there, many say but seeing the artists perform live in-front of you eyes is always different. Not many want to perform in the circus as there is not much remuneration which is again joined to the income of the circus.
Another point of these circus not being visible in the recent past is the lack of big grounds on which such events could be hosted.
Earlier the Circus would be hosted on the grounds near the Gogte Circle (ground next to SBI). For many years the ground was used for fairs, circus etc. But once the Suryakant Park & rest house was constructed on a part of it there are no big open spaces where in such events could take place.
Anyways now that Circus is here, take along your kids to see the circus.


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