Good rains hit city


love dale belagavi
The Rains photo by Dyanesh Oulkar

For the past two days Belgaum city is experiencing good amount of rain. On Monday city received 43.6 mm of rain.

sonali sarnobat belagavi

Rains have been welcomed by all farmers and citizens as well. But the rain also brought it with itself the problem of water logging in various areas.

Globe theater road was full of water, other low lying areas were also drowned in the first rains, tough no heavy damages were reported.

In the next few days similar rains are expected by the met dept.

Happy Rains and enjoy the monsoons.

Trinity Belagavi


  1. 4 days i enjoyed the rain and red mud stain, now i am missing the same. happy mansoon to every one



  2. I badly miss you Belgaum when you rain. From the bottom of my heart I miss you 🙁
    Uday, plz post some pics of bgm when it rains. plzz


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