HDMC reduces Property tax: Belagavi City Corporation Whats stopping you?



The hike in the property tax was opposed by taxpayers, after which the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal corporation reduced it by 5 per cent for residential and vacant plots, and 10 per cent for commercial properties.


Even in Belagavi, the city corporation has increased the tax by 30% and we had reported it on April 1 Pay your property tax online which is hiked by 30%.

Many representations were made by various groups to the Commissioner of the corporation and even to the district incharge minister Jagdish Shettar but all in vain.

So if the HDMC can reduce the tax what is stopping the Belagavi city corporation?


Even the district in-charge minister had said it will be reduced but it seems no one is interested.

Belagavi is always sober in its protests and very democratic in nature.

Now is this is political lacking from the elected representatives to assert pressure on the Corporation or is it something else.

The city corporation even never disclosed that the 5% rebate had been extended up to July 31 and the said order was released on May 22 but until May 31 no one even bothered to inform about it.



  1. Why can’t these corporation management team step down, so that someone with right minds would save our community with common sense strategy and build our loving city up instead of tearing it down!

  2. Exactly !! Mr.Rathod…Moreover I have a NA plot behind Potdar Intl. School, still there is no road & basic infrastructure (so that I can start the building work), for which I am paying tax every year..still I don’t why i am paying the property tax?

  3. Belgaum is only city in India anything can happen from auto rickshaw running without meters and charging as they like
    Then smart city works standard less than village dambrikaran
    Then No 24 hours water in 80 percent of belgaum but
    The house getting once a week tap water gets same bill as house getting 24 hours water that’s magic
    Then The tax increase to 30 percent
    Wow the list goes on.

  4. When u ask the right questions, they answer. Els god bless Belgaum from corporation. They do nothing for good. *Source: personal experiences in dealing with them.


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