Heavy vehicles banned in Raviwar Peth from 9 am to 8 Pm


After the unsuccessful attempt of banning heavy vehicles from the city during peak hours especially on the NH4A, now the administration has begun the implementation of the ban on heavy vehicles in Raviwar peth area which is the wholesale hub in the city.

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The ban would be from 9 am to 8 pm and the same was implemented from Friday and even fines were imposed who violated the ban.

The main aim of the banning of vehicles will ease flow of traffic through Raviwar peth otherwise which is blocked due to unloading of goods.

Now with this ban the businessmen are complaining that getting labour during the night would be problem and otherwise getting the goods in small tempos would increase the labour charges and in turn would increase the price of the commodities.

But this is making an adverse impact on the daily wagers who work as porter’s who work on daily wages who have to sit idle most of the day and who come from nearby villages who prefer to get back to their home by sunset.




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