Help build “Brand Belgaum”


Belgaum is going to have a task force for beautification and cleanliness, I would appeal you all to put in your valuable comments information or even pictures which would help the government bodies to look up on and do the needful, this task force should be people driven, should be propagated to collages youth forums. I request all Belgaumites from respective areas need to put in their comments, picture and valuable thoughts to enhance the effectiveness of the task force, the future movement should be based on Peoples agendas.


I have few comments to share and apply


All the boards should be in Kannada, Marathi and English, because Belgaum is a cosmopolitan city, I appeal KRV activist to respect value for living and respect for Human beings and Belgaumites, Respect for your fellow neighbors no matter Who they are Kannada Marathi Urdu or any other language.


The fort at Belgaum entrance is at Mess create a small city private terminal for Buses and with proper infrastructure like landscape garden and also the small dwellers hawkers can have galas with much better waste disposal facility, who are now encroaching the road side areas at Bus stand.


The Belgaum bus stand needs to be revived. Move the divisional workshop (Main depot no 1) to outskirts and expand the bus station with more platforms. Connect a foot over bridge with city bus station.


BUDA should take control of uneven growth of New Gandhi nagar towards Railway track. In addition, make a proper plan for sanitation and water, draining. BUDA and the city corporation should look at maintaining the play gardens and parks much more nicely may be with the help of a public private partnership.


Float a green earth policy, plant at least one tree a month in your locality, have public youth forums in doing so. For this involvement of school children and making them understand from a tender age can have good impact on them and also as a society as a whole.


Move the vegetable wholesale market near fort and one behind Sankam residencey to APMC, with proper infrastructure or to the Proposed Food and Agriculture Park at Belgaum.


The Vaccine Depot is being created into natures paradise add up recreation facilities for children like toy train and boating, bird watching. Hope this happens in reality and not only on paper.


We have good number of MLA’s and MP’s but Belgaum Gokak road, which starts from Mahantesh Nagr is in total mess the Belgaum task force should see to make four lane city access road till Ramteerth or Ashte.


The Belgaum cantonment board should widen the roads with divider in-between, Sanchayani circles to Station cross. Also should be come part of this task force. The worst roads this time are in parts governed by the Cantonment like Congress road and interior roads of camp are all in very bad shape, something needs to be done very urgently there.


There is much more, active people have knowledge and info pertaining to their respective areas and also nitty gritties of their localities so do come forward share and we would take them to government bodies, I 100% aliases with my blog buddy UkMaD and his blog for his “Brand Belgaum” concept and I hope it would start from here.


If all this happens in time, then “Brand Belgaum” would be successful.
Put your hands together, Come out and say “ I am a Belgaumite” and I am for “Brand Belgaum”.


Source:  My Blog Buddy: Mr.Satish Kumar, Dubai Belgaumnri
Some points have been added by UkMaD also.


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  1. In addition to the comments ,here is what i feel
    in connection with belgaum beautification:-

    -All Street lights to be functional
    – All Traffic signals to be made fucctional
    – Rail bus shuttle between Shahpur-Belgaum – Tilakwadi-Anangol – Udyambag
    is required to be operational on exsisting Railway lines with some
    loop lines.
    – All the areas near the lakes and Historical monuments to be
    beautified ,apart from kotikere.
    – Greenery with city beautification will be spelindid
    – Commerical multistoreyed Buildings linnning Kotikere should be built.
    – Construction of a mini Jurassic park will be a great attrction to tourist.

  2. It is very nice to read so many comments on this view but has every Belgaumite considered the road conditions in the city, near RTO circle, College road, Congress road and many others like that. There is so much of bust on the roads that it becomes very difficult to drive or ride on these roads when there is a heavy vehicle like a truck or a bus in front. The dust gets into the eyes and nose making visibility and breathing almost impossible. If we want a better city we need better dust free roads, so many accidents can be avoided……. Come on Belgaumites lets make a difference lets make our city better after all it is our home.


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